Holla! I’m excited to write about this post as it is in my beloved hometown Ipoh!

ELEVATE has been travelling around from the first one in Penang Island which I managed to join, to KL, to Johor, to Kuantan, to Kuching and le final one stopped at IPOH! Wheeeee, I definitely say yes when Don post up the event invitation. Teehee. Who doesn’t want, VIP passes and party at my hometown. Blissful. Thanks Don for the pass yo!

I was a bit headache on what to wear for that night ever since, I haz no more new dresses and don’t feel like rewear the old ones. 😛 Slap me for being a bitch. LOL. So played mix and match for the night.
elevate iiipoh (25)
#ootn Sponsored coordinate Kylie Lace bralet from IHF; Kaleidoscope Digital Print Mini Flare Skirt from Whitesoot; Vivi heels from MultiCollete.

elevate iiipoh (26)
This Vivi heels made me excited when I received it. LOL The owner told me that this heels is selling like hot cakes. So if you want better head to their page and book now! Teehee. Thank you for the heels dear~

elevate iiipoh (15)
And as usual, Mike has been my driver since the first Elevate event. HAHAHA! Thanks for the ride dude. We headed over Tuck Kee to have dinner and be the first who reached the new club in Ipoh, Sensation of Sound (SOS). I meant among the 10 bloggers invited, we were the earliest lol. Yayy! We played at the photo booth to kill time and kacau the pretty model there lol.

Waited for the rest of them and as usual, we took our VIP tag. Teehee.
elevate ipohhh (53)
I bumped into a lot of friends in the club and I didn’t know why they will ask me,

“What are you doing here? Working for Elevate ar?” Maybe, I seldom party in Ipoh. That’s why my appearance in the club was a surprise for them.

“Yes ar working. Working as VIP.” Show them the tag like a boss. HAHAHAHAHA. Slap me. X) But what to do. Show off is nothing wrong. HAHAHA!

Need not to mention? We’re free from lining up from registration and being ushered to our table. Wheee. *flip hair like a star. Booo~ I can smell jealousy. X)

elevate iiipoh (29)
It’s time to party people!

We’re too early in the club. So selca a lot lot to kill time.
elevate iiipoh (8)
Yeeing and I. Aite? Matching? Same colour but different tone only. LOL

elevate iiipoh (7)
Mike and I

elevate iiipoh (21)
Le fashionista Mandy. I used to stalk her blog for quite some time. HAHAHA! And great to meet you sexyyy~

elevate iiipoh (24)
With the pretty ladies.

Do I have to mention this? Elecoldxhot has been invited to perform at Elevate every single time!
elevate iiipoh (4)
Of course, their dancing skills never failed to entertain the party people. 🙂

elevate iiipoh (2)

The highlight of the night! DJ Yasmine all the way from Indonesia just to throw awesome remix for everyone!
elevate iiipoh (3)
I like this picture of hers.

elevate iiipoh (1)
Tell me, why she is so chio, pretty and hot!

elevate iiipoh (9)
With le pretty MC of Elevate, Kylie Chapman.

elevate iiipoh (17)
She’s pretty friendly and so in love with posing funny face. So funny face shot here. 😀

elevate iiipoh (19)
Le bloggers with Don.

elevate iiipoh (22)
Oh hi~ The group picture of the bloggers. From left: Sam, yours truely, Yeeing babe, Ryan, Zana, Mandy, Yong Xiang and Jessica! *I dint know why my face like so puffy that night.

And you know what? I was so busy for that night. I have been walking in and out to bring friends in to the event for dont know how many times. LOL. Not good not good. Because of this I missed the gangnam style with Mandy! LOL. Really busy to say hello and bye. HAHAHA! *flip hair

elevate iiipoh (18)
Teeehee. I invited my precious girlfriends as well. Wanlim and Lulu. Hey, it’s Wanlim’s last night to be 20! Hehehe. Hope she had fun during the party. I should make her drunk. 😛

Another story here, girlfriends asked did I do something on my boobs or wear push up because it looked bigger than usual. HAHAHA! Nooo, I din’t wear push up that night le. FAT liao. HAHAHAH wtf. Okay the end.

elevate iiipoh (16)
With Gelss or Jiaooo. Partner in crime. Hehehe. And… where are the photos with others??? =.= Too many camera dont know from where. HAHAH! Paparazzi moment. X)

First time ever, I party didn’t dance a lot because I have been walking around and drink with friends lol. Even went upstairs. Gosh. LOL. Party with a few gang at the same time is not a good thing.

Overall, I had fun during Elevate! Looking forward for next year ELEVATE!

elevate iiipoh (28)
Best gift from Elevate. I love my girlfriends.


Part of the story:

Le gan jeong moment when the spoilers came,  ( I thought nothing will be happened since ever they came and caught chocolate bar who are not allowed to club. So I just continue happy happy, didn’t know it could be so serious. )

When Mike texted me ‘Please come over VIP place.’ I was at the bar there waiting for Jaeger Bomb to be served and trust me, I intended to go over there and find out what happened there. But I was being pulled by HongKen because the shots was ready. LOL. So texted him back and asked him to wait a while.

Then backed to the place and find my girlfriends and continue shake shake. Halfway I was being shouted by Mike and he brought us out to the secret exit to be free from spoiler. LOL. So yea, first time in my life running away from party. The funniest part when Lulu said,

“我是品学兼优, STPM高才生,为什么要跑?” HAHAHAHAH! Then I told her your STPM cert can’t be used if you get caught by spoiler. LOL

Next morning, one of the dude who was in the party too, HKL asked me why I never run to his place as his family won’t be kacau by spoilers. Dude, next time tell me earlier. I don’t know. If I know, I will run to upstairs and sit at there. LOL.

Anyway, according to the friends nothing happened inside, the party was still go on as usual.

Btw, am I getting strong in drinking? LOLOLLL! I drank quite a lot of beer. Then with the Black Lable by le friend, Moet and Jaegar bombs shot. I thought I will die at the party but only started to get dizzy when I’m homed. LOL Improved?

The end of story. Happy reading.xx

elevate iiipoh (10)

Cheers.xx Photo credits to Samuel and Mike.


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