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Email. Mail me?

Im gonna talk about my email address in this post. Lolll. It seems like a lousy post but I dont care, blog still. HAHA! At least, it’s a part of my memories in my life.

So let’s start. My first email address:

Parents asked why not I just put my name for my email. It’s much more easier. I said I dont want let people know my name. Now think think ha, I MSN or friendster (that time my generation was friendster, wtf feel myself so old) also put my real name one. So what’s the point I hide my name for email address. =____= Super dumb wtf.

Why planetshakers_794?

Planetshakers…by that time I was quite into this church band. And so yeaa, I put ‘planetshakers’ as my email address wtf.

794 is because got people took liawww wtf. So the hotmail gave me the suggestion of planetshakers_794. I saw there 7 and 4 since this two number is my birthday 7 April. So I just took this without hesitation and lazy to think of another email already.

In the end, I used for around 4 to 5 years? If Im not mistaken. Day by day, whenever ppl asked me why planetshakers? CANT YOU GUYS ASK OTHER QUESTION???!

‘You’re into planetshakers as well, oh great some big fan over here. So which church are you from?’

Again wtf. I have to explain and explain. Lol. People love to ask me about this when I stopped anything from church. you sengaja or what. 😛

Ofc, in these few years I was not only used the email address above. I created quite many email address. Seriously, Im thinking now why the fuck I created so many address. =_____= Okay, the second email address:

WTF. Pinkycole, I feel so disgusting for it now. The reason why I created this email is because of Friendster. Yeaaa, friendster. You know laaaa, quite a lot of ppl added me then I just simply approved approved. Then I guess most of you know how dumb is friendster, only 1000 friends allowed in an account. So yeaaaa, we called it ‘Account full, pls add my second account, nicole2 thankyou so much’ wtf.


I was that kind of girl who wanted for fame and popularity for that particular time. So what. Lol. Somehow I really wonder why would I do that? Quite silly. I created another account of Friendster and approved back the same people in the previous account. In the end, both accounts had the same faces. What’s the point wtf? =_____= memories amazing. LOLLLL.

Additional point, even the photos were same also. =____=  The photos I uploaded in the second new account, I also uploaded to the old account. So like really, why I created the second account? Pointless duhhhhhhhh.*Shaking my head here

Go on with the third one:

Wtf again for this email. The reason I created this email, I FORGOT. Hahhaha. Seriously cant recall what’s the reason I created this. But I remembered password for this email was ‘auntycole’ wtf troolollololl.

Why duckiecole. Because last time my friends used to call me duck because they said I was like a duck wtf. Yea, no more people called me ‘duckie’ now, but there’re a lot of ppl called me ‘BODOH’ LOL! Transformation of my nicknames also very li hai one. I will blog about it if I have time. ahaha.

Oh yeaaa. I used this email for my blog leee. Teeheee, quite memorable. When I created my blog, I used this email. I really forgot why I dint use the ‘’. Okay whatever. Hoit! Yesss, recalled me about the blog link also. HAHAHA! Okay tag along. heee.

First blog link :

HAHAHAHAHA! Point at it and laugh wtf. What a dumb blog link. Why duckiecole74? Because I was using lorhh. =____= Crapss. Isshhh. Can you believe it, I used this blog link for 2 to 3 years? Omg. I just change my blog link to last year wtf. Why wouldnt I think of a better blog link at that time instead of Oh dear, I guess I need to improve myself a lot by reading so that I could think of a better blog link. LOL. Be patient I will explain about the nicccchang. Lol

I used the ‘duckiecole’ and ‘planetshakers’ at the same time until the both emails hacked by some bastards. I couldn’t sign in both of them wtf. Im wondering why there’re hackers in this world? Izit so much fun to hack ppl’s account?? =.= For what’s the reason hacking someone else that you dont know.

Okay, congratulations to myself and I straight away register a new email address. Still stick to hotmail. This time I wanna use my name as my email address. Easy. No need to think so much.

So I planned ‘’ . Then waited the hotmail to check whether this email been used or not. I waited for quite some time and wtf. There’s someone called ‘nicole chang’ as well used this email already. Why the hell there are so many ‘nicole chang’ in this world?? =.= I guess I should change my name. From primary to secondary, my school always a lot of ‘nicole’. Worst of all, ppl called the other ‘nicole’ and I thought ppl calling me and turned my head to them and in the end not my friends called me. =______________________________=  This already happened unknown time in my life till now.

Super embarassed you know.

Okay, nicolechang cant be used. Alright, I typed ‘’ since ever there are some of friends called me ‘nic’ or ‘nick’ or ‘nicky’ ah whatever it’s just a name. Somehow I dislike people called me ‘nicky’. Dont ask me the reason. I just dislike it. Lolll. Okay, waited again and guess what.

‘’ not available also! wtf. =____=

I stunned at there and looked at the screen and asked whyyyyyy???? Even the short name also let ppl rampas already. Phewwww. I sat and thought of what can I put for my email?

Ching ching. ‘nic’ way of too common? Okay, I made it uncommon,

 ‘niccc’    LOL.

Actually I just added another two ‘c’ behind. HAHAHAHA! You called it uncommon by adding two letters?? Yea bro you mad?? So call me niccc now. Niccc~ niccc niccc yea niccc X)

Yeaa, that’s how ‘’ created. After this email created, I changed everything to this email address. My facebook, twitter, blogspot and many more. Finally problem solved. So far so good. At least I can sign in.

Somehow hotmail sometimes quite dumbo because couldnt send out the mail one. =.=

So yea, came after that. Gmail is actually much better. Duhh. In the end, I lazy to change again so I just let it be and used this two emails at the same time now.

Yes. Any enquiries or suggestion or you want to hire me to write some reviews for you ahhahah, pls email me at, or

Dont worry, I checked both mail box everyday #likeaboss.

I guess it’s very easy to remember right? ni+cccc+hang@hotmail or Only 4c’s dont mistype. Teehhee.


Have good night peeps. *blow kiss



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