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So everything started because of our boyfriends are zillion away from us.

Yikhoe, her boyfriend went to Germany for a student exchange for around 4 months. And my boyfriend at Melbourne for YEARS. -________- So we hugged together and emo together la! LOL! For your information, Yik Hoe is my best friend and my boyfriend is his best friend also. HAHAHAHA! Okay, everybody friend friend. So next time double dates. 😛 More fun!

Just joking. We are not that emo actually. HAHAHAHAH! So this girl came up to Ipoh from UTP and find me chilling together. Cassy told me she will come at around 11am, so I estimated she 11.50am will reach my house. By the time I looked at the clock, 12pm. Then was a bit worried since she never drive alone all the way from UTP because Yikhoe probably will be the driver. So, I was like ‘Is it she lost direction or what, since she told me she is noob at direction.’

YES, I thought she will be better than me. But see see, we are the same, super noob at direction! LOL.

And then whatsapp her to check out where was she and thanks God she told me that she’s near by Petronas meant near by my house already. Good good.

Once reached my door step, she came down from and asked me drive. :S I was a bit worried since ever I never drive in Ipoh after so long and only drove a few times in Penang. But she didn’t want to drive because she didn’t familiar with Ipoh’s road and so forth. So I ngeh ngeh drive, the best of all her car is auto. Manual car I can die because i will forget what gear I had already in and then cause me in wrong gear one.

Up the car and then she asked me if I know how to go Burps&Giggles. I said I roughly know how to go but where to turn I don’t know. Okay nvm. We on GPS. In Ipoh also need GPS. I’m failed I know. But I really don’t know all the road, I only know how to go back home. Sometime from far then I don’t know how to go back my home already one. LOL.

(If you know Ipoh’s road, then you will get it. The bridge to go OLD TOWN one. Burps&Giggles located at OLD TOWN)

Then she said she asked Yik Hoe yesterday, and told her is BEFORE BRIDGE then turn.


Why Glenn(my boyfriend) told me AFTER BRIDGE turn one.

Her turn


Which one right har? One said BEFORE BRIDGE; Another said AFTER BRIDGE. Nvm, we got GPS! LOL. Then I asked her not to turn on so fast since I still know the way until the bridge there. Save battery mahhh.

Thennnn, until the bridge there. I said turn one GPS. She kept on ‘aiyak aiyak aiyak, si liao’


She asked me ‘So fast reach bridge meh? Havent reach la!’

‘We are on the bridge already la xiao jie.’ 

She was like ‘HAR, this one is bridge. Owh, my bridge is in front that one.’

In front that one is a small hill la!!! (The small hill before the train station fyi.) That one is not bridgeee arrrrr. Lee Yik Hoe, how you teach your girlfriend one! LOL

So the story of the bridge ended here. LOL. Cant stop laughing in the car zomgggggg.

(Picture taken from Cassy) So we managed to reach Burps&Giggles. Yay! Before the day, Yik Hoe still said wish us all the best and find the place we wanted to go since he knew both of us are super noon at direction. Nahh, reached. Parking sui sui somemore. NO la, senget a bit. 😛

So this is the so called the Angus beef burger. Whatever also don’t have, very expensive lo!

And say hello to Cassy! :3

Had fun to have some secret talk with her. Most probably we are complaining our boyfriends. HAHAHAHAHA! No laaaa, just share stories and etc. 😛 We actually have quite many similarities. Super noob at direction la, driving time will scold bad words la, shopping stuff and many many more.  Sayangggggg.

Our monkey faces. Dang!

Next stop, Haagen Dazs. Good one. We used almost 45 minutes to reach De Garden from Burps&Giggles. Normally I think 10 minutes can reach. HAHAHAHAH!

Turned into wrong way and I was like “OI?? Why am I otw going back home one???”

She said I should turn left instead of right.

Then I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me just now?”

“Talking to phone mah.” Okay reason acceptable. LOLOLLLLL!

Completely failed. I really don’t know the way one when I become the driver. I don’t know why.

Wee wang wee wanggg, so drove a super big round to Haagen Dazs and we reached. And Yik Hoe didn’t know I drive until we reached Haagen Dazs. So he texted me.

He trolled me “So it’s like I know how to write essay but I don’t know how to spell the words.”

………………  =__________________= This friend forever super power in blow water.

After putting the chocolate. A bit not presentable already. HAHAHAH! Cassy

We chilled together and busy with our phone at the same time. Whatsapp whatsapp with boyfriends. LOL. Aiya, girls who are in love same pattern one okay? 😛 And that time I freaking busy also because I made my boyfriend angry at me. 🙁

Teeeheee!!! Had a nice bonding time with this girl. I guess more to come! ;-p We already planned the next outing what to do. We still can survive and had fun ourselves even though boyfriends not around. Most importantly, we can reach the place that we wanted to go by ourselves!!!! HAHAHAHA! Though use longer time. ;-p But I believe, practice makes perfect! HAHAHAHAHA! Stay tuned for the next round of emo day. Woo hoooooooooooo



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