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Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review

Hello all! Sorry for the long hiatus. Okay not so long but still, I’m sorry to the lack of update and I think I should really plan out a time table and discipline myself lol!

Here you go another beauty review. Please read it as I really take my effort to edit my photos so that you can read less word and only see the picture! LOL! Well, I guess I understand you well?

I believe you all love Koreans’ skin, shinny, smooth and so moisture! Most importantly PORE-less! Today I’m going to introduce you the product that is suitable for touching up your makeup or your skin without looking ‘cakey’ lol!

So this is the awesome product that I’ve tried and think it’s worth for sharing.
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion! It is very famous makeup product in the market lately. In mandarin, we called it as 气垫粉底. So now let’s see what is so awesome about Enna!

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
It has very nice packaging. Okay, as you can see, the description are all in Korea language. Obviously, Enna is imported from Korea.

You must be wondering is it safe to apply. No worries on that, the pretty sellers has shown me the certificate, which double confirm that it is safe to use and allowed to sell in Malaysia.

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
Once you open the box, you will see a super cute girl. Then take it out and there’s a few tube of foundation cream in the box! And also the extra powder puff for you too! Isn’t so considerate?

How to use it?

Due to it’s my first time to use this kind of cushion foundation. Everything became so interesting to me! So I just followed what the instruction taught! Don’t worry, it’s easy to understand lol!
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
Just opened up the plastic cap and then took out the sponge inside!

Then, squeeze the foundation into it and yes, squeeze the whole tube of it.
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
After that, insert the sponge into the box? kit? Whatever, I don’t know what it called as hahahah.

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
Gently press the sponge with the powder puff.

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
And you are ready to use it already! Please take note the amount above is too much for your face ya, I just want to show you how it looks like with the photo. Just gently press once will do and then warm it up on your back palm, then only apply to face.

Why I said that it is good for touching up? Firstly, the packaging allowed me to put in handbag as it doesn’t consume much space. Secondly, it’s super super moisturizing which gives you the effect of KOREAN SKIN!

A quick guide: Remember to bring facial wet tissue whenever your are out! It’s super convenient.

This is because you can easily remove the oil of your skin! Just take one piece of wet tissue then wipe your face gently. Then apply Enna foundation on your face as makeup base, foundation or even sunscreen. The best feature of Enna is, it is super moisturizing!

That I guaranteed that you will love it. Comfortable and suitable for sensitive skin as well. Pretty comfortable and I don’t feel itchy after applying it on my face. So it’s good to go!

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review
A zoom in photo for you. Zero pores! I’m so sorry that I can’t show you it has whitening effect because my skin is considered fair. But I did read some review from others that it really helps to whitening your face too.

And of course, brightening effect and make your face shine bright like a diamond. I think it’s the best weapon for naked makeup!
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review

I think I love this so much and it has become my new love. If you notice that, I’ve shared a few foundation in my blog: Nars, Klairs, KissMe and ElishaCoy CC Cream. I wouldn’t say those products are bad. They have their own features and usage. For me, if you want me to choose my favourite for now, it’s definitely Enna!

The main reason that I love it is the moisturizing effect. You can feel it when you apply it, trust me.

And the pretty seller is so kind. She shared that she’s tried other brands of cushion as well. This is to test and to experience the differences between all the cushion. And I would like to share the before and after photos of each product with you guys.

The brands included Iope, Laneige, Sulwhasoo and Hera.
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review

The before and after, front face and side face.
Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion Review

So which one do you prefer? Or which one have you used before? Do share with me by commenting below. We can share our experience and make ourselves become even prettier! HAHAHAHAH!

Anyway, if you are interested to try out Enna, you can find the seller at this page. Or you can contact them personally to ask more detail at Wechat: NicoleTee0614Watsapp: 0127221508 

Okay. Hope you find this post useful.

Disclaimer: Added in some watermark in case other sellers take my photo. Please take note that there’s nothing free in this world. Do not take my photos for your business without my permission. Thank you



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