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Everybody hurts

By 七月 30, 2014生活

Before I forget everything lol!

Maybe I came across too many sad love stories and kinda inspired me to write this post.

Yea, I’m going to talk the boy&girl relationship, which is something I don’t talk usually.

The funniest thing is, my best friends always love to find me to talk about their relationships problem.  I don’t know why. I used to be a consultant since don’t know how many years ago LOL.

The situation that I met the most is, after they broke up HAHAHA. Then come and talk to me to look for advice. Maybe they think I’m super realistic so can knock them to get over xDD.


From the stories I heard, I don’t know why people can’t say good bye to a relationship with a good way. I found out that they love to:

1.   Drag the problem, drag the relationship, keep all things inside its mind until another one asks.

When you want to call off a relationship, please off immediately. Don’t drag, stay clear.

People, you can’t be that selfish.  The person has already hurt by you and yet, you still want to drag the relationship by giving a false hope?  You can’t do that, too self-centered.  There’s no point to drag a relationship which is not important and meaningless for you. What’s the point that you still hold the person when you don’t love it anymore?

If you don’t want it, just say it out!  Why are you dragging it? What’s the point? Why are you not bringing the things up until another one asks? WHYYYY?! The one who is hanging half way in the relationship will be miserable, suffering.  YES, it is a torment for them wtf.

Stay clear.  Off means off. You don’t off and on as you like.  Be cruel to let the person to die heart and give up on you.  That’s it. Don’t drag!

2.  Leave question marks

They don’t explain clearly.

Explain clearly why you do so.  Whatever they ask you, just answer them patiently and clearly. Don’t leave question marks.  I encountered this situation before, where you can’t get the answer clearly and then bye.  Seriously, I asked three times and he would never answer YOUR QUESTIONS and then keep on bullshit there.

Ah huh, you know, sometimes we need to learn not to be stubborn.


everybody hurts

Whenever I look back to the past relationships, I wonder why was I so stubborn for something which is not worth.  Time wasting, drain your energy.  When you get over it, you will realise it’s not worth and it’s not the right one.

So to all my readers who are heart-broken currently, forgive those who hurt you and forget the hurt. Erm wait, not forget, because you can’t forget as it had already printed in your heart and your mind.  Just put it aside and focus on the right things.


I love the quotes from the book I’m reading recently.

“We are the products of our past, but we don’t need to be the prisoner of it”

You don’t need to be the prisoner of the hurt.  Let bygone be bygone.  Let it go and focus on your things. Maybe work, studies and anything that can improve yourself and be a better one.  Why? Coz you gonna let the one who dumped you regret die die in life AHAHAHAHA. Okay la just joking.  We don’t do that okay, but you are allowed to think it in this way, sometimes. XDD

Improve yourself, be a better one, prepare for a better future.

I’ve been told by one of my friends, he said that if you’re in the  right relationship, you won’t even feel insecure and worried about it.  You will enjoy the relationship. You will be happy, comfortable because it is the right one.  You will trust it.

It’s true.  The right one, you don’t have to worry about it.

Somehow, I personally think that, you can’t trust someone fully, except your family.  Hmm, what you think?


Anyway, the most important is, you will be thankful for the hurt because you learnt…. 

 “To worry yourself to death with resentment would be a foolish, senseless thing to do.”


Nights xoxo




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