Eye Mask Review : Rescue for your dark-circled swollen eyes!

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p/s: Just an introduction and honest review for this product, need some time to see the reduce of the dark circle. So please stay tuned in another post. :3

First of all, I’m so sorry for hiatus! Was too busy for studies as final exam and a lot final assignments coming. So Imma taking a break and blog for every delayed post, since ever period pain is killing and cause me couldn’t concentration on studies. So blog la, no need use brain. LOL.

Okay, I received this eye mask from Ching Wah long time ago. I’m so sorry my dear for the delay.

If you have dark-circled eye, here is the solution for you!

OSMANTHUS Eye Mask! It’s a Korea product.

It is also called tea olive, fragrant olive or sweet olive, osmanthus has a long history of ornamental and medicinal uses. Osmanthus played a role in traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies as a symbol of love and romance.
The basis for these claims is likely the high concentration of various compounds found in plants that have antioxidant effects in the body combined with its ability to inhibit melanin formation, leading to a lighter skin tone.
Allergies to osmanthus are rare because of its relatively low pollen production,

Health Benefits May Help:
• Moisturize Skin
• Remove Body Toxins

These tiny golden-yellow (when in full bloom) flowers are not just pretty to look at, they are also well known for the superb sweet and pleasant fragrance they impart. There is a Chinese phrase “桂花香” (meaning the fragrance/aroma of osmanthus flowers) which is commonly used in Chinese literature and popular culture to describe sweet aroma or sweet things, both literally and abstractly. The aroma of the flowers is unbelievably distinctive and yet, gentle at the same time. These flowers are usually available for purchase in its dried form.

It is also known to relieve fatigue and improve appetite. Besides, it also the prevention of aging and rich in nutrients which helps on promoting beautiful skin, a balanced state of mind, digestion and detoxification. Also known to relieve fatigue and improve appetite ( Osmanthus flower tea)


Peel it off.

And this is how it looks like.

Each bottle has 60 pieces of eye masks. It is ONE month usage.

Before you apply it, wash your face and apply toner.

Step 1: Just two pieces of eye masks and put them on your eyes respectively.

Time: Just around 20 mins and then you can take it off.

Don’t worry, the texture of the eye mask is very comfy and not painful nor itchy. If you put your eye mask in refrigerator, it would be cooler than usual. :3 I nearly fell asleep when I was applying the mask, indicate how comfy is the eye masks!

Step 2: Use the 360 eye-roller to massage your eyes.

Just roll your eyes from left to right, right to left. Around 20 times is enough, or you want massage longer also can.

And that’s it! Don’t need to wash away the liquid leftover on your eyes. Just let it be there.

This my girlfriend’s version. See the after effect! At least the eye bag isn’t that big and swollen anymore! As I said, the dark circle need some time. So stay tuned for another round okay? :3

I also used the eye mask together with my girlfriend. I felt that my eyes area was tighten up and moisture up as well! I like the after effect.

And this my version. The effect is not that obvious right I know? I’m lucky, I don’t have dark-circled eyes, unless I sleep at super late hour like 4am or 5am then the dark circle only appear on my eyes.

That’s the reason why I tried the eye mask on my girlfriend. So.. I adore my baby skin. HAHAHAHAHA! :-p

And now I gave the eye masks to my sister to help me for the review since she has more serious dark-circled eyes. Girlfriend doesn’t have the patient and time to do. So yea, pass it to my sister.

Stay tuned on this blog for another review!

If you’re interested and wanna get rid of dark circle, you can contact Ching Wah for this! She is selling this eye mask! Besides eye masks, she also sells hair masks, whitening lotion and etc. So PM her now!

Thank you Ching Wah for this awesome product. I can’t wait to see the result now! I will update you guys again once i’m done with the post ya!



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