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This post intended to do it long time ago. Because I lazy.

Lazy FTW lol!

Below are some frequent asked questions from readers, strangers, friends or whatever ghost:

1.  Are you petite in size? You look tiny in the photos.

Thank you so much. Perhaps might disappointed you, I’m huge! My height isn’t below 160. I’m 162cm and 47-50kg. NO slim body, fat fat like fuck. Photos tell lies babe. 🙁


2. You are slim. Can I know the way you diet? How you slim down your face? 

Sorry, never be slim before wtf.  I admit upper part of the body is good enough but not lower part of body.  My butt and legs are fat, super meatful. I can tell you that, I don’t exercise. LOL. I super cha in running and etc.

Anyway, because mummy said my legs a lot fatter than last time.  Last time already quite fat and imagine how fat am I now wtf. So best friend suggested me to do simple exercise to slim down the legs – Squating. Below are the video of how to do squating, watch carefully and asked expert if you don’t get it by watching the video. I don’t want you get hurt. 🙂


3. Who is your boyfriend? 

NO boyfriend. #foreveralone lol. I’m really sienz when people asked me this.


4. How do you maintain your good skin?

Thank you. I very proud with my skin one. But i just did this post not long ago? About my daily skin care. Read here.  Most important, remember to use toner and don’t let anything that is dirty and fulled of dust or germs touch you face. Drink more water. That’s what I do. LOL


5. You look so elegant and pretty and look quiet and polite!  

Thank you ar. But I’m like this in real life,PhotoGrid_1343401093802

I’m super GROSS. LOL.

So if you decided not read this blog from now onwards, I understood… I will forgive you don’t worry. HAHAHA!


6.  What double eyelid sticker you used and how you stick it stablely?

I always wanted to do a tutorial on this. Again, lazy. I think I’m laziest blogger in the world.

Btw, I used this one. It’s sticky enough and you can apply make up on it too after you stick it.
You can buy it from Sasa. RM8.90 only. When sales time only RM6.90, even cheaper. So remember sales that time, buy more and store. HAHAHA! I did this always.

How to stick nicely?

Step 1: If you have the Y-shaped stick, use it to make the crease that you want first. Don’t ask me how high it should be. As you like one. 🙂

Step 2: Peel your sticker out. and started to stick it. BUT, I stick it in U-shaped instead of N-shaped.

That’s it. LOL


7, How you get all the sponsors and invites? I also want.

I don’t know. Don’t freaking ask me this anymore. 🙂


That’s all for this post. HAHAHAHH!





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