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Favourtie Dresses and Tops

This post should be done long time ago. LOL.

Like finally I have done cleaning the cupboard, previously it was a mess bag and mountain of clothes -_____- And now I already packed all those unwanted clothes. Ching, clear the mountain. Left these.


So little already. Okay, it’s time to fill it like mountain again. LOL! And I wonder where’s all my handbags??? =______= I guess my bags are in mummy’s cupboard. LOLL. And some left in Penang. Gosh. I wonder next time if I move the things from Penang… Can’t imagine lol!

Anyway, among here, I would like to share the most expensive dresses. I must be something wrong because I usually don’t buy something over 100bucks. -________-

#1 The highest price is this!! Guess how much?
It’s RM263. =____________= I don’t know why I bought it. From Mazelle boutique which located in Gurney Plaza.

Blame the mirror la. When I tried this on me that time, I looked over the mirror. I too pretty already! Must buy. LOL. No cash, straight away used card. Debit card only la.   -____________-

I know, I’m crazy.

What attracted me to try it on, the lace, I love lace and i bet no girls can get over the lacey lacey stuff! =3
In detail. When you wear it, you have to be very careful. lol.

Inner. The quality of this dress is super good. So the price, worth a bit lo lolll. Self-comfort.

Oh yea, I didn’t let my mum know about the price. If not she will kill me!!! LOL. She asked how much, I told her RM80. HAHAHAHA! 😛 Okay la, I bet some of you did that also laaa. Don’t lie! LOL

#2 Second highest price
Deep V Bodycon dress from Miss Selfridge. Original price RM180+ after discount RM170

Must be something wrong again. =_________=

Anyway, what I like about this dress is the texture and lines.

And also the crossover design. Major love!

Due to now I’m in Ipoh now, I can’t wear this dress out. Because expose level 912039209480398, later parents see I wear then will nag one. LOL. So huh, I just wore once for hennessy. -_________-

#3 Third highest price tag
Little black dress from SUB. RM130. =3 I rmbr this price is after discount. Original price forgot. lol

Love the front zip a lot. =3

I wore for quite a lot of times. 😀 Even wore it to Henessy Penang. Seems like every hennessy I’m trying my best to get new dress to attend it. LOL

#4 Sponsors and cheap dresses.
This stack. All below RM70 and mostly sponsored.

One of the favourite will be this,
Andrea Crochet Dress in Navy from IHF. 🙂

The crochet. =3 Major love.

Again, I wore it for once so far, to Hennessy again. LOLOLLL!

For full body,
I’m so sorry. I forgot to take a full picture for it. >____<

I would like to say it’s quite short yea. So for those who are interested to purchase it please consider the length lol. My height is 162cm only. LOL. I just saw they have it in white too. T_______T  I prefer white colour.

And also har, I got this very nice flare skirt from IHF.

IHF Circle Skirt!!! Indeed circle skirt, once I turn myself and make a round, the skirt will like a circle one. I don’t know how to explain la. It’s really like a princess zuan quan quan de. LOL! Okay, I over imagine.

And it’s easy matching piece, either with T-shirt or singlet or bralet. 🙂

Once I saw it then I quickly book it from them already. You know, their items are selling like hot cakes. Super fast one. So please stalk them and see when is their new arrival so that you won’t miss out your favourite piece!

Besides, I also did extra purchase from them. Their items are too pretty, sponsored items not enough. LOL!
This dover floral top 😛 In pink somemore. Must get. So I bought. 😛

Hollie lace Peplum in cream! Told you, I’m crazy of lace.

And this la, most favourite of all lor! LOL. Lace peplum tube top. Awwww. Love die love die.

That’s why hor, chienwei moi and I almost broke because of IHF. =________= You can see every week we’re discussing which to buy one lor! High five, I met sugar sister who loves to do online shopping one.

Last but not least, sweater and jackets!

Currently favourite also from IHF one.
Snowflake print knit top. Super thick quality. So huh, movie time can bring lo if you’re afraid of coldness like me one. Or next time bring it over to class, more comfortable to sleep with. LOL!

Paiseh, mirror is a bit dirty. NO, it’s dirty. HAHAHA!

And aiming to get a leather jacket! Wheee, in the list already, before CNY must buy!

So here all my favourtie dress and tops. How about yours?? ^_____^ Share with me. Teehee.

Next post: If I were a mother.



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