First experience with Hennessy Artistry 16.6.2012

Title says it all. This post gonna talk about Hennessy Artistry that I went.
Before that, all the photos below with the watermarks. Obviously not from my camera. I will just post a few of them here. More photos please visit their FB pages/blogs:
In short, it’s time for me to get a new camera! No la, I found out the reason why I cant take  a good picture for that night. Set wrong mode. =.=
On the day itself, I waited for my three body guards from Ipoh to pick me up. Guess what, they were late to reach Penang because of their hair  =____=  They only managed to pick me up at around 5pm. Then headed to Paradise Hotel to prepare for the night already.
 Me wore the simple black dress from Sub. Sibeh expensive this dress. I wondered why the heck I bought this last time. I must be sicked. The only second time I wore this dress. :-X
Gonna skip all the incidents happened in between. If not, this post forever cant finish lol. 
In short, we took almost one and half hour to get ready and around 7.15pm we about to go Straits Quay to have our dinner straight. BUT, 
The stupid lift in the hotel we waited for like damn long time. Almost half an hour le. Stupid lift ever. 
So freaking ugly. They haven’t change their shoes. Guess what, they even more hiao than me. Brought a few set of suit came. I was like need or not o? Then they threw me a reason that they didn’t know what dress was I going to wear, so they needed to bring a few set so that can match with me. 
They said I was their ‘mama sang’ for that night, so need to match.  =_________=
Sigh. That’s reason why we were late for the event. Impossible party without taking anything inside your stomach. In the end, we chose fast food for dinner. Fast mah. lolll. 
So here you go. So blur with the place though I went Straits Quay for a few times already. Still, I cant recognize the way. Somemore Straits Quay Convention Centre, even worse, I didn’t know where was it. So gave a call to Henry Tan who was at the party already. And yea, finally we managed to go in the party.
My first time in the party so early! LOL. It’s around 9pm I guessed. I usually 11.30 only depart from home if going for party. 😛
With the four types of mixer. Among the four, I love Hennessy Apple the most! Soda is the worst. 😛
Both of them cant wait to take the liquor already. Tsk. I think I invited the RIGHT party people. You know, it’s quite boring to party with some people who don’t drink liquor and dance. They just stood at there watch you dance wtf. I hate to party with this kind of people. So kill mood.
Chingggg. Guess which hand is mine. Teehee. 
And hello?? The guys were like thousand years never drink. Non-stop taking the liquor. They said free flow. Thanks Hennessy Malaysia for free flow and the great venue of course. 😀 
Thanks God that we chose a table which was near to the entrance. The guys were happy because they can just ‘stalk’ some pretty girls and hawtie at the entrance. They claimed it as the best spot to kap lui. Guys, tsk. 
 Le empty table.
Me at the awesome party! Surprised that my S2 baby even functioned better than my sonnie boy. 
At start, it was quite boring because the performance was not started yet and only four of us at the table. Pathethic. More a while, out of my surprise. A guy called me ‘Eh Nicole! Hi!’ 
I looked at the face, why this face so familiar one?? LOL
Yes! It’s Henry Lee from clevermunkey! Omg I was surprise that he can recognized me. Because most of the people cant recognize me after I put on make up. 
All of sudden, all the bloggers that I knew virtually through facebook and twitter popped out. Omg. *shake hand shake hand and take pictures with them. #likeastar  *flip hair 😛
Le empty table was fulled after bumping into new friends! 😀
It’s really nice to meet every one of you! They’re super friendly really. Hope to see you guys next time. We shall have dinner and chat more. LOL. Didn’t talk much with them at the party. All busy drinking 😛
Jackieloi! He was the one that I mentioned that he taught me how to use adobe software. 😀
(Photo from 
Jessica Tan, Issac Tan and Benjamin Foo
Sher Lynn, Choulyin and Issac. 😀 (My face looked so square)
Hawtie on spot! So happy to meet her up! 😀 And she’s so slim please. Before I read her tweet which said that she fat liao. Once I met her, I was like which part of her is fat! See you next time kay. *flying kiss
Oh yea, I also met Tim who is the founder of Malaysia Hottest Blogger. Dumb me, didn’t take a photo with him. I guess I’m lucky girl and blessed by God. Before the party, Tim sent a message and said would like to meet me in person at the party and asked me to consider to join the big community. 
As you know, the community has so many other brilliant and beautiful bloggers. Actually I feel so paiseh too because I am not as good as them. >.< I thought I was dreaming. No, it’s real. Thank you so much Tim for giving me a chance to join this community. It’s flattering. :-))
Do like our page now! Show yi xia support la. Teehee.
See the crowd peepo! After some time.
 Girls gone wild. I didn’t know what was I doing here.
The pictures below, performance by the artists invited. 🙂
 The emcee of the night. 
 Suki with her powerful voice. 
 Lolipop F. 
Dj Ramsey, Andy Moor and Ernest C played the remix for us the party people!
 With Samantha, Ashley and Jackie. He is blissful. HAHA! 😛
They so friend already. LOL
With the three body guards wtf. In the end, I’m the best among all. HAHAHA! No la, I didn’t drink much also. I know my level so better not. Anyway, thank you for coming up from Ipoh. Next time if I get extra invitations, I sure ask you guys along. 
I bet they enjoyed kaw kaw. The world is so small. They bumped into their friends there. ^^
I enjoyed the night of Hennessy very much. It’s a blast to meet up with all the wonderful people there. Once again, thank you Hennessy Malaysia for pampering all of us in the party! Good service from them and great liquor of course. Well, I guessed everyone enjoyed to the max! 
For those who didn’t manage to join, don’t worry. There will be another two parties of Hennessy coming soon!! Stalk their page from today onwards dearsss!
Oh yea, I thought my camera lost and quite sad for it because I lost my sonnie boy. It was my birthday from friends so I really heart it much. Thanks God that it appeared in the end. The next morning I woke up and saw my pink pouch on the table. 
The only reason why it appeared, the drunkard friend took already and he didn’t know. =___=
A sign of relief though. 😉
I cant wait to join the next Hennessy Artistry!!! :-DDD

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