First step to have perfect skin

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first step to have perfect skin

Disclaimer: My skin is not perfect, is close to perfect HAHAHA. I have to put “perfect” in the title to attract you :p

Holla. I’m going to share about the first step to have perfect/good/better skin. Many people think that the first step is do cleansing to have a good skin. I can tell you that, if you’re only do cleansing for your face, it’s not sufficient. Your face can’t be clean thoroughly.

What is the first step to have perfect skin?

The first step is to remove make up daily. Yes, even you’re without make up. Still, you need to do this daily, especially at night cleansing routine.

Why it is important?

Imagine your face has been exposing to the dirt all day. If you do cleansing only, you can’t wash the pores thoroughly. Thus, it’s crucial to remove the outer layer (dirt) of your face before cleansing.

Basically, there are three types of make-up remover. Oil based, water based or oil and water combination. To be honest, I hate oil based remover lol. Thus, I choose water based remover

I’m going to share with you the best water based make-up remover on earth lol. Sorry being a little exaggerated, this is neither advertorial nor sponsored post. I’ve been using this for quite sometime and still stick to it.

first step to have perfect skin  (1)

Bifesta used to be called Cleansing Express, as many of you probably know as they are very popular brand of make-up remover from Japan and it is actually Japan’s no. 1 water based make-up remover series.” – Xiaxue

I know what are you thinking, water based doesn’t seems powerful than oil based remover. It’s very depending. If you’re okay with the “oily feeling”, then go ahead with oil based remover. But I just hate it so much because I have to wipe it off again with clean tissue paper and do double cleansing.

first step to have perfect skin

With Bifesta, I solve all my problem. I chose “Sebum” (Mint colour bottle) for myself because it contains green tea extract which known as antioxidant properties (which is definitely good for skin :P)

first step to have perfect skin  (2)

This is my bare face with the brows are drawn.

first step to have perfect skin  (3)

Pump 2 drops to the cotton pad. Then wipe gently, to outward direction.

first step to have perfect skin  (4)

first step to have perfect skin  (5)

The dirt of bare face, with only sun block and drawn brows. It’s actually a bit beige and dirt on it, due to the lightning, you can’t really see. However, you can see the how dirty is it right? That’s why it’s important to remove make-up everyday!

Where to buy?

You can always find Bifesta Make up Remover at SASA, Watson or Guardian outlets.

Hope you like this post and find it useful.




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