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Five27 Cafe will be my next choice to have some fine dining.

Yeaaaa it’s some sort of find dining. I thought it is a cafe but when I was ushered to the dining place, it is so high class and I wear like shit lol!  So rmbr to dress a bit before you come here. XD

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And, I confirm that you will be worrying about the parking place because Chualia street is always busy.

But no worries, Five27 has a parking area for you and you can enter Five27 through the entrance which is behind the entrance.
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Downstair of Five27 is actually a bar lounge, a place for you to relax and chill. Trust me, the place is definitely so cozy!

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While upstairs is for dining,
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Outdoor of upstairs. It’s like a garden where you can really chill at there comfortably.

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Let’s talk about the food. I really loving their service so much. The waiters are so polite and familiar with all their food and drinks. So you can always ask them to recommend the signature dishes for you.

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Complimentary starter from the house – Fresh Warm Bread. The yellow cube is actually cheese and the bread are inside the paper bag so that they are still warm when you eat them.

five27 (24)
Tomato Soup RM12

five27 (25)
Mushroom Soup RM14

five27 (15)
Complimentary starter, Bruschetta

five27 (16)
Chicken Liver Pate RM15 It’s my first time to eat Chicken liver, quite unique. All you have to do is just spread it on the bread just like how you spread jam and butter. So soft.

five27 (18)
Japanese Tuna Tataki Salad RM30. I bet this will girls’ favourite because the tuna is just so fresh and tuna is super healthy xD My perception la

five27 (20)
Escargot with garlic butter RM30
five27 (21)

five27 (22)
Mini Seafood Quiche RM20 . It’s something like the spring roll but not spring roll lol. You should have a try on it!

Main Course:
five27 (27)
Baked Fillet of Cod RM50 . Below it’s the mashed potato

five27 (28)
Ninja Chicken Burger RM29 . It has different types of topping for the bun. We were served with the sunflower seeds and poppy seeds bun. So healthy right? The patty is made from minced meat and it’s so huggggeee.

five27 (29)
Chargrilled Beef Sirloin RM48. It’s topped with the black pepper sauce and my favourite asparagusss!
five27 (30)

five27 (31)
Soft Chocolate Cake. It’s sort of brownies. The rich chocolate flavour blended so well with the vanilla ice-cream.

five27 (35)
Banana Crepe

five27 (32)
Chocolate Almond Crepe

To be honest, I didn’t really taste the dessert because I was too full. So I just tasted a bit of them. Overall the desserts not bad.

five27 (32)
Chocolate crepe

five27 (33)
Apple Pie

It would be a good place to dine in for couples. HAHA. Seriously, the place is just so romantic for anniversary celebration or whatever monthsary 🙂

Five27 Chulia Court
Address: 357, Lebuh Chulia, Penang. (Opposite 7-11)
Business hour: Sun-Thurs 4pm – 2am | Fri-Sat & Public Holiday 4pm-3am
Contact: +604-2613809


Thanks to Henry for the photos! I didn’t take my camera as before I need to take a lot of stuff for video shooting. Thank you for sending the photos for me to blog. And guys, rmbr to go to this link: to read his review for 527 cafe.




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