Food I cooked #2


I have many dreams.

One of them is to become an independent business woman who is successful in her career. A strong and bold character.

One of them is to become a sweet housewife LOL. A housewife who takes care and cook for the family everyday, share her recipes, life and babies on her blog or social media.

I know right, they are super contradict. LOL! I wish to become both, to be honest. So, let’s see.

I love cooking, seriously. I’m enjoying it and it is satisfied to see my family enjoy the food that I cooked for them. (I assume my sister love it! Don’t care HAHAHA). Just sharing what I cooked for the past few days. All simple home-cooked food 🙂 Not any special.


my cooking  (1)
This is not a home-cooked. Just my tea time! LOL

my cooking  (2)
Broccoli // Long Bean Fried Egg // Lotus soup

my cooking  (3)
梅菜蒸猪肉 Steamed minced meat with “I don’t know what it is called in English vege” LOL! // Egg

my cooking  (4)
Bitter gourd soup with egg as brunch
my cooking  (5)

my cooking  (6)
Dried noodle (I made the sauce my own okay? Just use the maggie mee) // Milo

my cooking  (7)
Fried chicken with tomato sauce (Definitely proud of myself coz I fried the tomato sauce myself! Not using those tomato sauce or paste one! Is REAL tomato sauce) // Vegetables

my cooking  (8)
Cauliflower and broccoli (They were like BROCCOLI again? Yea babes, broccoli is healthy) // Tomato Egg // Fried pork 南乳猪肉 ^^V Thanks Mummy for the pork

my cooking  (9)
Lastly, it is not cooked by me of course. HAHAHAH What I ate on my off day. I don’t cook on weekend normally lol!

Wheeeee, thinking to teach cooking through my blog! What you think HAHAHA!



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