Food I cooked #3

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I know right, posting up photos of food is not good at this time is not good. But I just wish to share with you guys what I ate ahahaha!

LIFE WITHOUT FOOD IS BORING! I believe everyone enjoy eating. :3

Home cooked food by ME! Don’t judge. I don’t know why you guys don’t believe that I can cook! LOL! Why why why why???
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Potato and Lady Fingers. Kinda failed because the potato was not soft enough. Argh, I know what to do next time after asking my mum. Hehe! Learn from mistake!

I thank God that my sister and her boyfriend didn’t complain. xD

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Brunch before heading for work. I had no idea on what to eat. Boiled Anchovy soup and then threw everything inside. Surprisingly it’s quite yummy, except the tomato was quite raw which I don’t like.

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Toufu with minced meat // Steamed egg with mushroom .

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Herbal Chicken Soup // Fried Egg with Onion // Ghost bean (I dont know what it called in english so DIRECT TRANSLATE RULES THE WORLD LOL!)

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Lazy day. Same thing. Boiled the anchovy soup and threw everything and made it into Mee Suah in clear soup lol!

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Nicccchang’s Chicken Chop. Western but not so western.

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Backed to lovely home. Super delicious dinner cooked by my mum. Thank you mummy :3

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Like finally! Ipoh Funny Mountain Tou Fu Fa! My favourite all the time! I miss it already!

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Went for movie with family and then lunch at Sakae Sushi. Definitely disappointed with the new menu. Price has gone up and the amount of food…. -___- My mum ordered a small one, but we never expect that it is THIS SMALL. We were like o.O once the food was served.
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So guys, just to remind you. Next time rmbr to order a large one instead of small lol! Look at it, it’s just as big as the glass. xD To be honest, it tastes good. But it’s kinda ugly to serve in this way I think.

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Oyster Omelette from Lorong Selamat, Penang. My Ipoh Mali always love to give me surprise by calling me and tell me that he was in Penang and asked me for lunch! So brought him to have local Penang food! :3 And once again, we forgot to take picture ahahaha. Looking forward that this bff can work in Penang and then I day day can yumcha!

Hope you enjoy the food. 😛



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