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Frostbite Make Up Tutorial


Teeheee. Not really frostbite but just some winter make up that I love and get inspired from some videos. So I learnt it and create my own version.

Still, I will stick to light and simple way of make up because…. I love simple make up lol!

Skip all the words and let’s start

Step 1: Foundation

To have smooth and shinny skin, a good foundation is needed in this make up. Courtesy to Nars, I got this All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation.

If you ask me do I love this foundation, the answer is definitely YES. I super love it because I really feel nothing on face after applying it. It’s super moisturizing and thin. The light-as-air comfortable feeling is definitely beat it. At least, my face still can breathe after applying lol!

*Opps, it’s my favourite foundation among all the sponsored foundation that I’ve* 😛

Before you use it, remember to shake the bottle to make it more even. Oh yea, did I ever mention about that?

Just one small drop is enough for your whole face!

Especially to those who own a small face like me 😛 HAHAHAH! The best is it can last long for 16 hours. Just perfect for a day out.

Tell me the reason that I should not love it.

Step 2: Loose Powder

To make your skin even smooth, you should use loose powder to enhance it. In this tutorial, I’m using Nars Flesh Soft Velvet Loose Powder. I was told by Nars MUA that I have super fair skin, I should use this Flesh which is a little bit pinkish to enhance my skin tone.


Knock off a little bit and just use brush and apply all over your face. Even neck!

Step 3: Eye Brows

I always love to start with my eye brows after foundation. For this make up, I recommend you to have straight eye brows rather then arched eye brows.

If you would like to know which brand of eye brows pencil and colour dye that I’m using. You may check it out at here: [Click here to know the brands]

Step 4: Eyes Shadow

After brows, I will apply eye shadow. Before that, I used Porto Venere Eye Paint as my primer
It is cream based eye shadow in soft pale pink colour and it can act as eye primer as well, which it “holds” your eye shadow stronger and prevent eyeliner to smudge.

Just dap on the area of your eyes and then you can apply eye shadow. The dotted line that I’ve shown in the picture is the area that you should put on the eye shadow.

Basically it’s the whole upper eyelid and also the lower eyelid. Then just go for eyeliner & mascara. To know how I draw my eyeliner, you may refer to this post : [Click here for CHEAT way to draw eyeliner].

Oh yea, nearly forgot to introduce the eye shadow that I got from Nars, Valhalla Single Eyeshadow
A must have for light make up. What I like about it is, it seems like nude but it’s not, in fact. Definitely suit me who loves light based make up yet it out shine your eyes.

Step 5: Contouring

Needless to say, it’s a must to make your features look sharper. And if you read my first post of visiting Nars store, you definitely know how irresistible is the Laguna Bronze Powder.

Highly recommended by ME!


Use your brush and dap a little of bronzing powder. Then create light shadow for your nose bridge and also the area that I’ve shown in the picture above.

Just very lightly, don’t put too much ya.

Step 6: Blusher

First of all, I need give million thanks to Nars for sponsoring me their latest product, new Dual-Intensity Blush with 6 modern shades which works perfectly for all skin tones. And they gifted me two of them!

Just say, WOW

Name of the blushers are awesome as well,
L: Frenzy | R: Panic

The colours are just so perfect! Exactly the colour that I want! Nars knows what’s in my mind 😛 Thank you for being so thoughtful
How the colours look like when you apply on your skin.

In this make up, I used Frenzy which is more to orange tone.
Just apply the shade of Shimmering Bright Tangerine Orange (darker tone) and swipe a BIG “W” on your face.

Follow the dotted line that I’ve drawn on the picture above. Then followed by next shade, Sparkling Soft Pink-Gold Highlighter which helps on make your face shiny shiny lol! Just a bit is enough because you don’t want it to be too shiny.

For Panic blusher, I will make it to another post with another make up tutorial. What you think? hehe

If you think this is the last step, nono. ONE LAST STEP.

Step 7: Lips

Don’t forget about your lips! Light make up also need to outshine your lips! lol! In this make, I’m going to make it pale, nude yet it still bring a bit of gold on your lips.

Do you catch the key point of light make up? MAKE EVERYTHING SHINE!

*Okay la, kinda my theory * LOL 😛

Liguria Lipstick, a nude caramel lipstick. Erm, not completely nude but it does bring a little bit of gold or maybe you see it orange? LOL!

Just straight apply it on your lips, yea without the brush. The lipstick itself it’s good to go to swipe over.

Lastly, dap this Guyane Lip Gloss which is actually soft pale pink on your lips only. DAP IT LIGHTLY. I just want to make my lips more juicy lol! Dap a bit of it and blend it.


Dang! Done! What you think about it?

Change your outfit and take many selfies lol!
No la, just a few and post one here. Hahaha! Don’t want you get bored of my face.


Before ending this post, I really have to be thankful that I’m the blessed on with the super awesome sponsored NARS products! Thanks NARS once again! And for you, I hope you learnt something from me and find some awesome make up products that suit you.

Till now and then. See you in next post. I’m going to hit to my slumberland lol.



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