Fruitful weekend, sort of :-P

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Holla, believe it. This is the first selfie that I take for two months. I have been so busy until I have no time to dress up and selfie. How pathetic huh.

Finally, I got the time to drop some words here. 😀 I’ve been busy with assignments most of time, events and church. So it’s like wahhhhhhhhh, I have a lot of things to do leh. Nah, it’s okayyy. It’s better than I have nothing to do.

Truely it’s blessed that I have fruitful weekendssss (sort-of-fruitful lol). Last week, I was busy with the dance workshop in church and and and and (I nearly forgot what have I done other than workshop lol) buffet dinner with fam fam. Once in a long time, and it’s Jessica babe’s birthday.

We went to Yea, Times Square for dinner. And look at this girl lol,

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We got so addicted with the chocolate waterfall (sort-of-waterfall or you call it fondue? Whatever  lol). This crazy girl took the ice-cream cone and filled up with the chocolate only  I’ve been hanging around the area of chocolate waterfall for a few times in a night, so you can see how much I love it.


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Group photos! With all the awesome people.

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Yayy, 3 super models here. Sometime we just have to value ourselves higher so that we can be happy. HAHAHAHA.

This weekend started with a warm dinner, to celebrate May babies’ birthday. Congratulations! Because you guys are growing older and older HAHAHAHAH. Let’s grow old together.

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weekend (1)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD BLESS YOU GUYS YAY! I’m so sorry that I have to leave earlier to join the next event. Busy lady wanna be, no choice, a lot of appointment

Headed to Hennessy Artistry after that! I will blog in detail in the next post soon. Reveal some pictures for you to see la. Stay tuned on my next post.
hennessy penang 2014 (21)

hennessy penang 2014 (16)

It was nice to meet all the bloggers up again. Ofc, made some new friends as well. :3


Today. Sunday is Funday! Nearly can’t wake up in the morning because I switched off the alarm accidentally whereby I should press snooze. I know you understand me. HAHAHA.


Lunch with Elder sister after service. So rare for her to come all the way from the south to the north and meet me for lunch. LOL. So touched

Edo Ichi for lunch.
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Both of us ordered the huge lunch sets because we were so hungry like what the hell lol. Side ordered Salmon sushi and Temaki. In the end, I couldn’t finish mine. Not any big eater anymore, it won’t be a problem to finish all the things last time. Is it the sign of getting old?

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Soft crab Temaki. I think Zanmai’s is better.

After lunch, we catch up a little bit.  The funny one started when I told her that I was involved with a paid campaign by Durex and the first task that I need to do is post up the product. So we headed to Guardian to take the picture of the condom HAHAHAHA.
weekend (9)

The process of taking this picture was so funny. Once I went inside the Guardin, I was finding where was this thing located.  You know, I talked loudly, too loud. I asked my sister,

“Where is the condom ar? You faster help me find the condom la,”

She was like “You want to let the whole world to know that you’re  finding condom ar??”

Okay, we found the location of the condom.  I was so embarrassed to take the picture of it because there was people passing by. Then I asked my sister how to take the photo of it.

“You standby your camera first, think what angle you want first, then I block for you,” My sister said. HAHAHA. No wonder people always say that elder people more steady lollll.

Then, I took the picture. I embarrassed myself there. I not sure if other people saw it. We both keep laughing until she went back. I could not follow her back home because I had something else to do in church.

So joined A6 cell group for chilling. Buay paiseh simply walk to them and sit with them HAHAHAHA. I was uninvited, so self-invited LOL! Nvm, they still love me hohoho.
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weekend (6)

The end lol.

Busy for whole day and then now I got to rest at home. Ahhh. I was thinking to do some research for assignments, but whatever, I’m so tired and I can’t filter the hectic information.  Yea, I just rest for tonight and then blog and continue to work hard tml.

Hope you have a great weekend and charged up for another week ahead!

p/s: If you notice the watermark on photos, I hiao. I downloaded new fonts so want to test how the font looks like in the photo. HAHAHA. So yea, not bad.  I should have make it into a habit, to put watermark for my photos.

See you in next post and good night.




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