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By 三月 18, 2014時尚爛貼士, 生活

Guess what, I’m writing this blog post during my class. 😛 Don’t worry, my level of multi-tasking is very high.

fckmindcollection1 (4)

Another collaboration with Mindfxck. Thanks Michelle for including me in your project! If you’re interested to read or see the pictures of the first collaboration with them, here is link: http://nicccchang.com/2013/10/swag/

And yes, with my all time partner, Jxhia!

So.. I will just let the pictures do the talking. The theme for this photoshooting is black and white. And it’s totally different from my casual lazy style. I never try on like real Kpop style, an oversized t-shirt with maxi skirt.

And my face looked like a pancake lol, with my hair all up.
fckmindcollection1 (3)

fckmindcollection1 (5)

fckmindcollection1 (6)
And, I lost the tail of brows. LOL. The weather was seriously hot le! I think I accidentally wiped off my brows LOL.

fckmindcollection1 (2)
Super vampire look. 😛

The best picture of all because I have the face here. No pancake face. :3


So, how do you think about this look? Maybe next time I should try to wear like this and go shopping lol. See how many people look at me with the “what is this” face. 😉

Interested to purchase the apparel, please contact Mindfxck’s facebook page.

Thank God for the new experience and new style. Appreciate opportunities that He gave. :3

Till now and then, I gotta cook and study again. Sienz. I will update more and more because I’m so kinda frustrated with my blog stats. LOL. Of course, I have a lot more to share, skin care and make up! My favourite ever. So remember stay tune on my blog everyone.

Smoochesssssssssss. Bye



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