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Booooo. It’s so bored without friends at the hometown! Cant wait for all the dudes’ coming back on this Friday! Whee. Gonna have some great night with them and farewell for one of them. He gonna flies back to Aus soon. Owh, I will miss you my cutie boy. :-/ Lol.

How’s your Valentines? Did your boyfriend or girlfriend give you any surprise or some romantic stuff like candle light dinner. Wtf. The worst thing ever is to have candle light dinner at those fine dining restaurant which charged you like fuck. Hahaha! And you’re not having candle light dinner with your boyfriend only but other couples too! LOL. Coz I worked at a restaurant before during valentines, I knew how it was. My god. All the couples sat so near with each other. The atmosphere from romantic turned into PASAR MALAM. Hahaha. So damn noisy.

Conclusion NO ROMANTIC LIAWWW. And you know, the Valentine’s Day menu is going to kill your wallet, oopss I meant guys’ wallet. The bloody price not worth at all. Gonna make your wallet bocor. LOL. I rather choose to cook at home, more economic. Yes pls call me stingy. I dont mind.

I dont celebrate Valentines. Hmm, not to say dont celebrate it. Like, I wont want the boyfriend to spend much just for the freaking Valentines. Maybe just a simple dinner at home, cook with your boyfriend, How sweet. LOL. But the fact is, If your boyfriend treats you like princess and love you more than himself, EVERYDAY IS VALENTINE. wtf meet sour. If your boyfriend only love you more and give you surprise on the 14th of Feb for the sake of following the #trend nowadays, you can dump your boyfriend immediately, ask him go and die also laaa pls. Okay just joking dont take it serious. HAHAHA!

Anyway, the day just texting with the best friends and consoled all the emo kiaaa. Aduh, they emo becoz of Valentines. At night, I just went out for yum cha with an old friend at Sky Lounge. Ended up drinking with all his friends. Nah, dint drink much also coz I phobia. Believe it, after the vodka night. I surrendered. LOL. Plese believe it.

Back to the topic! Today gonna talk about my genting one day trip with family. Lol! It’s a pretty Sunday, Daddy and his friend headed up for casino. We the ladies tagged along too! The sisters intended to go for the Doraemon’s roadshow which held at Genting while Mummy and I went for chilling only. Hoit ahh, so daring and damn confident coz final exam on Wednesday. Supposed to take the time to study but hor, family going takkan I stayed at home alone? No way! Moreover just a one day trip. So why not? ON!

Still got two more days to study before exam mah, anyway, the exam was pretty smooth! All the MCQ question were exactly the same with the quiz the uni provided on the forum! Wtf. Luckily I did all. HAHAHA! Once I read the question I knew what’re the answer already. Lol. *Chinggggg

Woke up at 7am for the mix and match. I dint know what to wear on that day as all my long jeans and legging left at penang’s crib. Duhhh, forced to wear shorts at last. The fucking curling iron too!!!! I dint get to curl my messy hair. Ah whatever. Still pretty. HAHAHA!

Outfit for the day. Top from Forever21; Not-so-high-waisted shorts from Acewin; Sneakers from Cotton On.
Elder sis. This pixie naise wert. She complaint not nice. Hmmmmm. 
Headed breakfast after everyone got ready. Talk about food, Im hungry now. -.-
Just-woke-up face. Eyes so puffy, face also chubby. Comfirmed dah fat. 🙁
On the way to Genting! With baby sis. I brought almost all my toys so that everyone can play with. Lol. 😛
Mummy requested a photo with my shades. She’s wearing my top! I forced her to wear this. Lol. Mummy is a very pretty woman just that she doesnt like to dress up and dare not to try various kind of fashion. Always wear those loose loose T-shirt. Aduh. I told her there’re a lot of Auntie who are even fatter than you wear very sexy one. So dont worry, you’re considered as thin among the auntie already laaa. Next time I will bring Mama shopping together. 😀 
Mummy and baby sis
 Hello. The Chang’s sisters. Three Golden Flowers at home. Lollll! 

Like finally we reached half of the Genting at around 10something. Daddy drove a speed huh. Once I got down from the car, the wind blew. I was like wtf , why the fuck the wind so cold? Shivering. Lol. Immediately took out ma black white stripes cardigan from Cotton On. Realised black and white was the theme for my outfit. HAHA! 

This is fat. =.= Took the cable up to the hill! Wheee. Gan jion. In fact, I was so scared of it coz… you know all the accident that happened at Genting. Cable car drop laaa or whatever shit. Choi choi choi!!! Prayed hard when I was in the cable car. LOLLLL. 

Yours truely. 🙂

Up to the hill. 

Huiyorrr. People mountain people sea. Omg. Luckily we were the VIPs dont need to line up for cable car. #likeaboss . Muahahaha.

When I capture the people moutain people sea that scene, these two ladies ‘woi’ me and asked me to capture them. =.= Mummmyyyy! 

Ganjiong Here we go. Up to the hill!

Great that I still can stand up inside the cable car. Smile~

Elder sis. 

Nice or not. The mist. Wheeee! My sonnie baby is good enough. Well, plan to get another camera too! 😛 Different function usage mah. Hmmmm. wait I earn the money first. 🙂

Scary you know. o.O

Mummy and I. Do we look alike? No? Guess so. Hmmmm.

Sisters love. xoxo Have no idea why my hand like this. =.= 

Tadang! Brought these two hat too! Lol. I wanted to wear the red one but elder sis rampas it. Duh. Nvm, black with polka dots is cute too! I looked so dull on that day, only black and white colours from the top to the toe. Yennggg mahhh. xD

Reached the Genting hill! So freakinggggggg cold! The wind were so strong and I felt so weak already. My mummy asked why I looked so pale. Have no idea. Lack of red blood cell I guess. Lol! Need more Iron. Nahh,  bio still remember a bit. Ahaha!

With baby sis.

We went to the First World by the stupid shuttle bus. lollll. Daddy and his friend went to casino. Left we four ladies outside loitering around. 

Arena Star. For the Doraemon. But so sad that there’re too many many many many (infinity) peepo there. Even serious than people moutain people sea. So longgggggggggggggggg like a dragon. My gosh. Coz of that we gave up, not to buy the tickets and just had a walk there. :-/

Tengok. This is just the front part okay? Aiyorrr.

 Walked back and lepak around this area. lolll.

Best of all. There’s a small Doraemon’s Roadshow. Not the actual, this one is FOC one. Lol. Selling all Doraemon stuff here, wtf, one doraemon’s head only super expensive okay?? One simple t-shirt costs around 50bucks. Go and die la. LOL. I wont spend on these lor. 😛 I rather spend on branded stuff. HAHAHA! My sisters they all so crazy on this blue cat. I so so only, just love to watch the series or movie of it.

The wall paper is cute!

Baby sis. 🙂

My turn. Wheee. My profile pic for facebook. Thanks for liking it peepo. Touched. T_T

Nicole.Esther.Rebecca. Love us or not? Love laaaa. You will be blessed. Heeee.

Neh, these expensive. Nono.

Lastly, sis bought one of the keychain. Yooorr.

Doraemon is adorable. Us lagi adorable. Okay? Deal.

Mummy and sister went for casino after that. =.= Still got two months I only can go inside. Hmph. Nevermind, baby sis and I loitering around eat around and ofc all her expenses on me wtf. My savings le. Lol. Esther Chang you better feed me when you got money. Loll. 
Happy family day! We’re discussing that this purple glitter guy was so pity. Coz he had to stick all the glitters on his face. Eh, Poison enough duhhhh. 
End the post with Doraemon! Appreciated the time with my family, they are precious. 🙂
Gonna nap now. Dead tired. =.=
Cheers. xx


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