I know I’m late. -__- Girlfriend’s 21st was on October 21. And I just blogged about it now and not a lot of photos taken somemore. My camera dead. Failed blogger is here!

Anyway, glad that I managed to celebrate with this and meet up with le gang. Super miss them!

Decided to go Delicious @ Straits Quay to dine in. Absolutely we had the great night of gossiping and chit-chatting and talking about the past was so fun! Indeed, time flies. We’re stepping into the age of 22 in just another one month. -_______-

So le birthday girl, Wan Lim! Muacks! Happy Belated Birthday! <3

The food of the night. Their spaghetti not bad, regretted not to order carbonara. T___T

The dessert of the night. Still got one more cheese cake, didn’t take a photo of it. Pity. xD and in the end we cant finish the cake. Too full.

A group photo of us. 🙂

Anyway, by looking at this photo. I realised, I DIDN’T WISH MY MISS LULU ON HER BDAY wtf. Shit me. I was busy in KL that time and I forgot. Kill me!!! =______=

Lulu, I owe you a kiss. LOL!

Anyway, like finally I bought this from IHF. 😛 Waited for too long time already.
Denim jacket is love! 😀

And this hair colour nice or not. I sent this to my glenny boy and asked him nice or not this hair colour. Then he said,

‘Nicole ar, tell you ar, you dye this hair colour doesnt mean you can be chio like her,’

WTFFFFFFFFFF I know la!!!!! =__________= Im asking about the hair colour. Not the face. Fuhhhh, see la, best friend wor. Who doesnt know she is Tiffany from SNSD?? Ofc, i cant be chio like her. Im chio in another way mah. LOL!

Anyway, there is a few people saying that sometimes I look alike with her. HAHAHAHA! Serious or not, she so pretty. o.O Okay la, I stop here. Later fans of Tiffany will hentam me. 🙁

That’s all for today.  Tomorrow will be blog about IHF again!!



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