Grandmommy’s birthday.

Okay, gonna make everything fast. Lol. I backed to grandmommy’s place on last Sunday since my grandmommy miss me a lots. 😛 Ofc I miss her too and it’s her birthday! So dashed down to kl to find her. Thought of going back to kl on Saturday, but so sad my dear boss doesnt allow. =.= due to insufficient of servers. AiYorrrrrrrrrrr.

So sad that my mummy dint manage to go together with me coz my sister grounded by PMR. So cnt leave her alone in Ipoh. No choice I have to go alone. Be the representative from Ipoh. HAHA!

Nice to meet every cousin there. But so sad that they’re richer.

Why are they not mine? Fml.
Playing cut the rope with my biao gor. LOL. Ignore my shitty face pls. Awful face. =.=

Had the simplest eating fiesta at home. Steamboat.

Hmm, not enough?? Lolll.
Sorry for the blur picc. Actually not really steamboat. LOL. It’s called 一鍋熟
Mum’s favourite vege. Too bad she cant come together with me.  I hate this vege so much coz it’s so smelly. 😛

All the food put inside and cook. lollll. Easy.Fast.Eat.

Noticed that all my relatives are in JUMBO size. ROFL. I feel myself so tiny. HAHA!

Popo, dear aunt and lil fatty in the house.

My turn! As time flies, popo is getting old already. 🙁

 Popo with Cousie sisterss.

The brothers with grandmommy.

Cake cutting session after steamboat.

It’s a pandan cake. Slurrppp. It’s very nice! ehh, this cake not cheap leaa, cost around RM100+

Top view of the cake. Pretty huh??

Popo with the pretty cake.

Happy sing song to grandmommy!!! So louddd. See the Ipad2. Making me…. argh! I want money to buy all the gadgets!

Make a wish and blow off the candle. *Clap clap clapssss

Cut the cake.

 Ehhe! Ipoh’s representative. Grandmommy looks so tiny.

Family from Cheras. My biao gor and biao mei men.


This photo will be perfect if He’s here. 🙁

Where’s my mum??

Peace sign from grandmommy!


Actually, through the pictures you can notice that my grandmommy wasnt happy at all. Coz there’s imperfection for her birthday. :-((((

Hoping everything will be fine soon. Gor gor, pls pray for grandmommy always. :-)) I know you will. 🙂
End this post with this fatty!! 🙂 Pls guuai guai and listen to grandmommy more. Dont be so naughty boy!

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