I was supposed to study now but end up I day dreaming for hours and did nothing wtf.

Instead of wasting time on day dreaming, I decided to close my book now and came here to drop my words. Teehee. Time used wisely. HAHAHA! A little bit of self comfort so that I don’t feel guilty much.  After this, I need to off my laptop and started to concentrate already. Gosh, wasted a lot of time indeed. :-X

grateful (32)

This post is gonna be a quite a wordy post since ever I wanna write down all the things to show my gratitude!

First and utmost, I’m thankful that I have God with me all the time. Heard my praying and keep blessing. Thank you Jesus, I love always and always! I will keep praying and talk to You more! Teehee.

I am thankful that I have good parents, especially mummy, who always never give up on me. You know, every time when I quarrel with her, she will said that she doesn’t want care and bother me anymore but in the end still, she cares and keeps on scolding. LOL. Though she is ridiculous some time, I know she just want us to be good. Yayyy!

Anyhow, she seriously made me piss off  with her ridiculous scolding, sometimes. LOL. I will fight back one. 😛 Not that I don’t love her, I love but she can’t be too over at scolding me. HAHA. Hmm, I wonder is it every mummy on earth will behave like my mum? LOL. Or only my mummy. ahahhaha! Now I’m writing to complain my mummy already. HAHAHA! Back to gratefulness.

Good parents. What else?

Grateful with what I have now. What now? I’m a student and have been raising myself for all this while. Not many people can do this. 😛  I worked I saved, at least my shopping money and daily expenses all covered by myself. Parent did give me some pocket money but very SELDOM.

Since ever I started my degree program till now, they only gave me pocket money twice to thrice? And not much also. I also seldom ask money from them because don’t know why feel paiseh keep on asking money from them. And they paid for my fees. So yeaa, I try to work and raise myself as a return.

Yes, thanks to the 10 months of working experience and money in 2011, I still eat and play until now.

And also not to forget, blogging which somehow earn some pocket money for myself. Teehee. Honestly I never ever thought of I can have all kind of sponsorships and exclusive invitations to events and parties etc. I’m just ordinary girl and not famous at all, never thought of all these good shits will come to me. I mean, I just blog for fun last time. I never thought that blogging can be one of my side income. LOL.

Anyway, I count count, I blogged since 2008 and till now the blogging passion never die. Deserved for all the good things la!! Teehee. Five years and still counting!

Teehee. New blog layout design is coming soon! And also fashion project that has just deal. All the things I need I want and I love. What else can I say? Awwwww. Thank you for everything! 🙂

Blogging also earned me some valuable friendship! I knew a lot of friends who have the same interest and keep on the track with me. Teehee. And some of them are really crazy like me. HAHAHAHAH! Nevermind, I love you guys very much.

grateful (21)
One of them will be this sor por. LOL. She is the cutest girl who I have seen so far. Hope to have more bonding bonding with this girl.

Another bonding session with bloggers that I went on Sunday night after the recent Hennessy party. 🙂
grateful (22)
Mike Yip! Trust me he is the super friendly one!

We went The Hungry Hog to have dinner together. Teehee. Don’t ask me where, I just knew it’s around Subang SS15. ahahaha! And this is only for pork lover. X) Means if you’re Islam don’t go pls.
grateful (26)
The couple Jackieloi and Yy. 🙂

grateful (24)
Issac and his wife. Owh cant wait he blog about his new born baby. eheheheh

grateful (31)
Charmaine and her boyfriend and Sherlynn

grateful (23)
Another table with two couples over there. Benjamin and Hui min; Henry and choulyin. And Ken. LOLLL

Couples everywhere wtf.

Food I just post the photos for you to see! LOL
grateful (3)

grateful (5)

grateful (6)

grateful (7)

grateful (8)

We went for some board games after dinner at Meeples. Sounds like Maples. LOL
grateful (27)

grateful (11)
And some Panic Tower moment! I was the loser in this game. =..= All bully me one la. XD

grateful (14)
Highest tower ever. LOL



I’m like going too far away from the topic of this post. HAHAHAHA! Post of post.

What else. Grateful that I have a good girlfriend aka coursemate with me! Catherine!
fren (3)
Here is the picture with her!

I’m really grateful that I have her as my housemates! You know it’s really hard to find someone who can really stay comfortable with. Most important, she loves cleanliness like me. LOL. If you know what I mean.

She is very kind and caring also la. When I sick that time, she will take care and bought medicine etc. And also her boyfriend! LOL. I will never forget the moment when they asked me to drink the super bitter tea-苦茶.

Never forget all the laughters moment too!

I’m also thankful that le couple don’t mind me to be the brightest light bulb la. LOL. Whenever they out for dinner will call me along one. Where got sucha a good couple. And also sometime her boyfriend’s daddy joined us also. LOL. A funny uncle that I ever met! 😀
grateful (18)
Some good food that uncle brought us to eat.
grateful (17)

grateful (16)
Best hokkien chao

Ahhh, blog till here I guess. If you want me to blog all my appreciation. LOL. Very longgggggggggggggg.


Last but not least, I’m seriously feel thankful for everything!!!!

Appreciated and work hard and smart for what I want!

Thank you Lord for the blessing too! Keep going! Wootsss.


Till now and then. End.




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