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Holla! Like finally, I have the time to update my blog consistently, er, sort of. Coz I found out myself I don’t really have the time to do what I want. HAHAHA. Coz now sleep is so so so so important for me now.

I officially step into working life and so far so good! Just that body need to get used to the timing, then everything will be perfect.

I kinda enjoy my working life coz I’m doing what I love honestly. That’s why I don’t feel it’s work or burden for me, my mind is not tired to do it but BODY, and my eyes lol. Give me some time to adjust my timing. Too used to the slack lifestyle duhh.

I know right, you gonna ask, why am I so rush into working life but not allow myself to honeymoon for a few months. I actually get offended when some of my friends said that I cannot enjoy my life if I keep on working. Stop saying that, you like to travel with the money from your family, your situation allows you to do that. It doesn’t mean that this can apply to everybody. I’m not, my situation doesn’t allow me to honeymoon. That’s why I already found my job before I graduate.

It depends how you enjoy your life. I’m doing what I like so I’m enjoying my life. So why not I take the time to work hard and go travel next time when I’m more financially stable?

Stop applying your own thinking, what you like and dislike on other people.  Everyone is different.

 Alright, I’m kinda out of topic. Come back to this, I did have a little honeymoon for myself before start working. I was invited by Hair Salon Nico to try out their service included eyelashes extension and hair treatment and colouring. Hair Salon Nico is a Japanese Hair Salon where its products and techniques are all from Japan!


What’s good about eyelashes extension from Nico is customers are allowed to choose the type of curl, length and thickness and style you want.

I choose the natural gorgeous style. Ofc you can choose the fake, obvious one.

She planted 40 pieces on each eye for me and asked me if I’m okay with the volume. So I think it’s natural and it’s enough. I don’t want everything goes too over. 🙂

So I’m very satisfied with the outcome because I have brighter and bigger eyes without curling and apply mascara. Teehee. Save a lot of time wey!


Please believe that I didn’t even put on eyes make up! I just need to draw my brows, life is easy hahaha!

Other than that, I made another appointment to try their hair service. Joe, the Japanese hairstylist suggested that I do the colouring (RM230), Soda Treatment (which also known as Tansan Treament) and Amino Composite x18 Treatment (RM175).

Firstly, he helped me to colour my hair. I told him that I want a healthy colour to cover the yellowish hair of mine. Then, I was like bored with brown, so I asked him what other colour I can go to,

He suggested me Pink Brown
The products are really Japanese products, you can see la hor. lol!


Before starting, he explained everything that he is going to do for me first. This is Amino Composite x18 Treatment which helps to build up the inner layer of hair. He explained that Soda Hair Treatment is like detoxing your hair and it will make your hair very dry. So need Amino Composite x18 to soften your hair.  It’s same like you detox after gym, and you need protein to build your body lol.


And he guarantee me that I can still see the effect after I shampoo my hair at home. In other words, the result is really good and effective! He even guarantee that this treatment is not same with other treatment where it only can been seen and feel for a while and it will be gone after hairwash at home.

I doubted on it for first.


And I super like their “cover sheet” (I don’t know what it is called hahaha). Coz it’s like shirt and my hands are allowed to press phone. So far, I can’t any “cover sheet” like this in other salon in Penang lol.


And I have original Vivi Magazine from Japan to read…. to glance, to be exact lol! I just see through the pictures and how they dress up. Coz ALL JAPANESE I TAK TAU. lol


Colouring done! And it doesn’t need any steamer, amazing right, honestly I just waited like around 20 minutes then went for washing and treatment. Real quick.

And they did the treatment at the basin! (Is this called basin LOL).  OMG, I can sleep while I wait for it. HAHAHA! If you wonder the white sheet on my face. It’s actually to…

Cover my eyes and brows when washing hair. Being so considerate, this is to avoid to spoil the brows and make up I believe.

So eventually, I fell asleep for a while lol.

The treatment also amazed me that it tooks around 10-20 minutes only! Yes, just with the hot towel wrapped over my hair. Joe told me that Japanese’s style is quick but it’s quality and the effect is really last long.

Changed the “cover sheet” to the white one. Hygiene number one. Then hair blow and last step,

Hair oil from Japan.

Tadahhhh. My pretty healthy hair is here!

My personal review:

This is not a paid advertorial, it’s just a sponsored treatment. I can choose to not to blog about it, as it’s not paid. BUT, I’m here to tell you the Soda Hair Treatment and AC x18 Treatment is AWESOME. My hair doesn’t tangle around when I wash my hair at home. Then, my hair is less fizzy, quite a lot I would say. Now it is so damn smooth and soft!  I can even just use my fingers to comb my hair now, like seriously.  I really like it a lot! So I decided to blog it out and share with you. Girls, go try it as the price is affordable too!

Hair Salon Nico
Address: No.2, Ground Floor, Kek Chuan Road, 10400 Penang
Business hour: Mon – Sun (By appointment only)
Time: 10am – 7pm
Contact: 0124886395 (Joe)

For more information, you can visit their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/nicoinpenang

Everyone! Good news for you! (That I forgot to write it down lol).  Quote my name “nicole chang’ for RM30 discount and some awesome vouchers! Call for appointment now!

Hope you find this useful and signing off. See you again!



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