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Happy Thanksgiving Day

By 十一月 30, 2013亂亂想, 生活

Thanksgiving day. (This post should be up yesterday, supposed to be, but… failed. It’s too tired for me to write it out after working lol. But tonight is Friday so still okay. HAHAHAH)

Time passed too fast that I don’t even realize it’s already fourth Thursday of November. Awww, time to get ready for Christmas! *pop the champagne lol.

There are too much things to be thankful, since I was born, that I could not write them all in a sentence nor status nor tweet lol. I love twitter which I have no idea why. Some people said Twitter is boring and nobody is going to care what you wrote with the limitation of 140words.

Well, that’s what I love about Twitter lol! Seriously, I enjoy talking a lot at Twitter, even though there is no one cares what you said. But, I enjoyed that. Nobody disturbs me, thank you. 😛

And, the best thing, those friends who really care about you, they will come and ask you in person. It will show friends who really care about me. Awww, too sweet.

Okay, I guess I talked too much about Twitter.

If you notice, I really love to write thankful post. It will recall all the memories and realized how much blessing flow through your life. 😉

I love it, especially every mistake you made in the past. You will realize that you grew up from that. Hurtful words or critics from people, you will realize they helped, assisted you to become a better person. Awww, life is always beautiful.

As always, can’t stop being thankful that I have a wonderful family, especially my mama.

Old photo of us, by the time when I was super chubby. Nawww.

My beautiful mama is always beautiful. Love you Mummy. I will never forget what you have done for us, sacrifice for we three little potato. Thank you for being such a dedicated mummy. *Bow 90 degree I will try my best to less fight mouth with you. 😛 LOL!

And I feel so sorry that I was not by her side when my sisters did the pre-celebration for her birthday. But I was with her on the exact day of her birthday 😛 So it is balanced.

Family and home are the best damn things in the world. 🙂 Btw, the photo above, our transformation X)

I’m thankful to have Bebe as well. This picture was taken when she came to this world a few days only. Wahhh, that time she was super chio and guai.

Now, she has officially transformed into monkey or sakai, either. -_____-

Still can be cute sometime awwwww. Love you littel girl, don’t bite our bra and panties anymore!

Another family when I’m away from home.

Thank you for everyone who helped me, especially in transportation. Seriously blessed, I don’t own transportation in Penang. But whenever I need, there will be many drivers for me HAHAHA! Jealous!? Don’t jealous la okayyy, you have your own blessing as well.

If you are wondering, they are my friends from church. Okay, the reason that I’m unchurch and back to church again…. I will do it next time la HAHAHA. Wanted to write about it thousand years ago but I’m too lazy X)

This siao lang, that I can’t live without.

I could not imagine my future life without this siao za bo. We used to do almost everything together lol. Cook together, having fun at kitchen, playing with the skin of vegetables AHAHAHA. Go for class together, play Minion Rush or Plants vs Zombie in the class lol! Assignments together, helping each other to be on the right track for it.

The best is, we both can just lie on the bed by doing nothing lol. Usually we will play games or scroll facebook. Imagine, we can spend our night by playing Plants vs Zombie, especially when we can’t pass the level, we will figure the strategy together lol!

Scrolling facebook together, if anything, anyone ugly or funny will share among ourselves and keep laughing. We can laugh for no reason. X)

Aww, life like this. Me likey.

Thank for the sweet name which given by my parents. Thanks for sending me to learn piano la, drawing la, calligraphy la and tuition la. But I’m so sorry, your daughter has returned all the skills to the teachers 😛 NO LAAA, still can catch back if I start to practise it again, lol.

Last but not least,

Thank for the sleeping time. I appreciate sleeping more nowadays. LOL. I love wrapping myself like this, so cozy and warm.

Keep a thankful heart and your blessing will come 😉



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