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Haters gonna hate

By 七月 3, 2012亂亂想
I have been receiving a lot of haters’ comments and emails since dont know when.
Anyway, they are always the same. The first thing they love to critic on me, the most, 
My face. 
“Please, you’re so ugly and please dont upload so many pictures of yourself.”
“Your make up is so ugly! Please dont think yourself is chuckei and daphne! You are not them.”
“Your face is just a piece of shit.”
Eherm, hello haters. How about you? You dont even dare to upload your photo and show me your pretty face. 🙂 C’mon, just show me your face. If you’re prettier than me, then you are allowed to judge that I’m ugly. 
Or else, 
Take a mirror and look at yourself before you judge my face. My naked face is always pretty. 
Your so called ugly shit face. I even think that I am prettier without make up please. 
Totally naked face. NO make up and NO coloured contact lens bitch. 
A matter that I couldn’t silent and ignore you guys, you critic me. Im fine. But, 
Well, I curious. Since you pay so much effort to paint our face, why dont you just upload it to facebook and tag me??? Instead, you just send it to me and said fuck you.
Please, the person who piss you off is ME. Don’t ever pull my friends into your non-sense trouble!
All of you who commented on my blog post or email. They are not using their real name to critic. Hey, just put your real name and real face laaa. You dare to critic me so loudly, why dont you dare to expose yourself??? @( ̄- ̄)@
Just show your so called pretty face to me and then i will shut up, provided you’re really pretty. 
Second, they love to comment that I copy their so called idol Chuckei and Daphne’ blogging style.
See again. If you dare, upload your pretty face and your real name. Dont use fuckoff nicolechang. 
Each of us might have the similar characteristics. For example, like those hair curling, make up, and fashion etc. MIGHT SAME. Just because we are girls. Please tell me, which girl in this world doesnt like to be pretty? Chuckei and Daphne taught some make up tutorials and hair curling, and I admit that I did learn some skill from their tutorials. Then eventually it will be roughly the same la dumb. 
Style? I have my own style please. My blogging style is always contain vulgar words and my vain pictures and monologue-ing. I blogged about my daily life, the stuff that I love, food, friends and family, opinions on some matter and drama with you guys and etc. So please tell me I copy what from them???? 
If you insist that, then every blogger in this world is copying each other.
And yes, I wish to be famous like them too. I dont deny that.  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
Third, they love to comment that I famous because of my pretty face. Not my attitude nor personalities. Even my best friends stick to me because I pretty. 
Oh yeaa. Thank you for the compliment. I always know that Im pretty. Famous with my pretty face? Oh please, I dont mind. It’s flattering okay? But wait, arent you saying that I have an ugly shit face? And why are you commenting that I can be famous just because of pretty face? Are you stuck?
Owh best friends stick to me because of my pretty face. How you know? They told you? You know them? Dont worry, I always know they love me not just because of my pretty face, but my unique personalities, my bubbly and stupidity too. 🙂
Or maybe you jealous? Because you dont own a pretty face like me and pretty girlfriends and boyfriends? Hmmm, pity you. *Pat pat. 
Forth, they love comment that I blog to show off that Im rich.
=_________________________________=  I poor like fuck okay.
Tell you what, I can enjoy everything that I want now because I did save a lot of money from the previous long term part time job. I worked from January 2011 till October 2011.
I was lucky enough that the boss paid me quite high salary. RM6 per hour. Fyi, I worked as a waitress there. Normally I worked for night shift, from 5pm to 1am, or even later 3-4am. So approximately one day I can earn around RM50 or above per day. So a month I can earn around 1000+++++++++
After three months, boss changed me to a full timer because I too “expensive” wtf. Anyway, not bad too. Be a full timer can get EPF. So the basic salary he offered, RM800. Plus allowance RM400 and OT, RM6 per hour. 
Yes, my bank account from RM0 reached RM10,000+++++ before. 
So yea, I never ask pocket money from parents since last year till now. All the expenses I used my savings. So dont ever say that Im rich. Im not from a rich family but I work to be rich. 😉
Okay. Dont rob me now. Now no more RM10, 000++ in my bank account. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
Stop saying that Im rich because of my family and etc etc. Bullshit. 
About the show off thingy, if it is meant to be show off, why not????
Fifth, they always critic bloggers are fake.
They said we bloggers are just dogs who received paid and exclusive invitations and free stuff and blog how excellent the company is.
Hey, if you dont like to read all the advetorials and food review and pre-event of us, just dont read the blog? Why you read them since you said we are fake?
But wait, so far, I just received some items from two blogshops and helped them to promote. 
Why you keep on sending email to me and critic me that Im a doggggg????? How about those bloggers who get paid and write a blog post one? Why dont you just send them an email and critic them??? 
Anyway, we bloggers, we write reviews, events and advertorials to provide the public more information about the particular company. And we receive some benefits or cash from company. At least, we write to earn money. How about you? You’re just sitting there and read our blog and critic us being a dog for the company. You very good meh????? 
You’re doing nothing for yourself but just being jealous!
If you dont like to read the reviews etc,  just dont read laaaa. You hate us yet you read the post that written by us. Arent you stupid?  = ̄ω ̄=
Last but not least, to all haters, just go ahead and waste your time to read something that you dislike and find out the imperfection of me and critic me. 
You think you hate me? I think you love me more than you hate me because you stalk me! 😀
Get a life please. o(^^o)
Quotes that I read from facebook,
“Make sure you’re perfect before you judge me.”

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