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Heels collection from MultiColette

heels collection - Multicolette (3)-003

Oh hi everyone! How are you? LOL. Just taken my dinner and so full now! Tom yam mee hoon today! I’m feeling blessed coz everyday can haz nice food to eat!

Okay, today not going to talk about food. But my heels collection from an online blog shop – MultiColette. I blogged about this before. If you haven’t read it, please read now! Here is the link to the blog post: http://nicccchang.com/2013/01/multicolettes-diary-t-strap-red-wedges/ 😛

heels collection - Multicolette (11)-011
I thank God everyday coz I can have all the sponsored pretty heels by MultiColette! Thank for sponsoring all the pretty heels. Actually really save a lot coz I don’t need to spend for heels. P/S: Not to be an ambassador bad ass who just keep praising and support my sponsor, it’s true that they provided good quality of heels and platform!

heels collection - Multicolette (4)-004

heels collection - Multicolette (5)-005

heels collection - Multicolette (6)-006
This pair of Grey Vivi is the latest time I received from them! When I received it, I was like OMG, how can it be so good quality and pretty! Too bad of all, the size is a bit loose. X( Maybe insert some shoes pad. My mum asked me to give it away since it’s not fit. NOOOOO, I can’t bear the pain 😛 It’s size 37 but why not ngam one ar? I have chio feet. 😛

heels collection - Multicolette (8)-008
This platform also another lovely item la! Teehee! I always wanted a platform and MultiColette just knew what am I thinking. Great thinking alike! X))) Same lo, it’s a bit loose, should really get some shoes pad. Even my mum also like it so much and she complaint why my feet so small. X))

heels collection - Multicolette (9)-009

heels collection - Multicolette (10)-010
It is Suede material. So sorry for not cleaning the dust before taking the picture. Nvm la okay, lol just a little bit. I know you don’t mind. X)

Actually there is another pair of heels which I left it in Penang. The inspired Jeffrey Campbell in black lace!
heels collection - Multicolette (1)-001
YES, this pair of heels bootie also sponsored by them. Thank you so much!!! I really love all the items from them. It’s really so kind of them! For one of the heels(I forgot which one), I intended to buy from them but they said that sponsoring me as well! OMG. Thank you T_______T I don’t know what I did, deserve all these good stuff.

Guess what, they are selling this pair of Jeffrey Campbell at 99MYR. o.O Please tell me where to find so cheap one. Other blog shops sell it at 100MYR above, mostly. So you know what to do. LOL

heels collection - Multicolette (2)-002
And I intended to bring this heels bootie to Melbourne trip one. WHY AM I SO STUPID AND LEFT IT IN PENANG? Now I forced to bring the High-dunk Red Converse shoes and bring another pair of heels, just in case my darling boyfie wants to bring me to nice place and nom nom. HAHAHAHA!

shoes collection-multicolette (1)
Their latest update on their shoes collection! OMG WANT!!!

shoes collection-multicolette (3)
Selling flats as well. OMG ANOTHER WANTS. Please give me more money. T______T

Besides shoes, MultiColette also provided you various kind of clothing. From England to Korea, you can find it at this blog shop! Thank you for giving me this peach pink blazer too!
heels collection - Multicolette (15)-015

heels collection - Multicolette (12)-012
Need not to mention again, their quality is ensured!

heels collection - Multicolette (13)-013
The inner layer of the blazer.

heels collection - Multicolette (14)-014
And the shoulder pad as well!

shoes collection-multicolette (4)

shoes collection-multicolette (2)
Stylenanda inspired! :3

So what are you waiting for? Just ‘Like’ their facebookpage now and add them into interest list.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MultiColette?fref=ts
Blog: http://multicolette.blogspot.com/




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