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If you wanna know more about the previous Hennessy party which happened in Penang, check this out!

And this time! I went down KL for the second Hennessy party! Dont wanna miss any of it. 😛 Called me hardcore or whatever I don’t mind. HAHAHA! Wtf is wrong with I love to party, nothing’s wrong okay. If you don’t like it, just keep your mouth shut and don’t let me see you in the party. :-p

So huh, let the pictures to do the talking?

HA2 (30)

Hennessy balloon! I always love their balloon. I dont know why. Just an obsession. Teeehee.

HA2 (32)

Inside of the venue. Same with last Hennessy, they have the four mixing flavour which is apple, berry, soda and ginger. I choose Hennessy apple and Hennessy berry. How about you? Which one you love? 🙂

HA2 (31)

And here you go with all the pretty Hennessy Brand Ambassadors. 🙂

HA2 (33)

Oh yea! The signature camera 360 of Hennessy was available too. I missed this once again because I reached pretty late. 😛 Around 11.30pm, bo bian la. VVIP is like that one la. xD

8pm all the friends started to whatapps me ‘where you??’ Actually I was still enjoying my dinner with my other gang sweetly and prepared for the party.

You know what I replied them. “OTW” HAHAHAHA! 😛

*evil grin*

HA2 (50)

Like finally, we reached at 11.30 plus i think. LOL. Me and the moi took picture together with HA wallpaper. Aww so miss her! It was so long time we never meet each other. I guess the last meeting with her was the KL trip last two years?? After that no more!!!

Thanks to sunway pyramid. I asked her out to accompany me to buy dress and she stayed near also. So yea, finally we met after so long. Keke. Jie jie will find you again! I want to know her classmates! 😛

If you notice, we always meet in KL. HAHAHA!

HA2 (57)

Look at party people!!! My god. Luckily the venue was big enough. If not pack like sardin, you feel me.

Once inside, I have no idea the way to Zone O until Joeyi told me there’s a sign of ZONE O. LOL. Blind.

HA2 (40)

And Hi! First photo taken for the night. With the MHB girls. 🙂 Aren’t they pretty and seductive. Aww. Btw, nice to meet all of you prettiess! Check more hot bloggers from MHB page.

HA2 (49)

Oh hi again! My long time no see Wilson Mah and Leanne Lee! We were from the same primary school Yuk Choy. Aww, we were the fantasy!!! Heheheh. Great to finally meet you guys.

HA2 (27)
Another one with them. See the fat arm. =..=

HA2 (43)

From left : Wilee, Ashley, yours truely and Bendan.

HA2 (41)
Issac, Henry, Wilson and Joeyi. Cheers!

HA2 (1)
Hello Ah Bok here! We knew each other virtually and failed to meet up in Penang many times. You know, when he back to penang, I will go somewhere else. LOL. No fate. Finally got to meet him at this event. 🙂

HA2 (38)
Yayy. A photo with Daddy Tim. Oppsie, he gonna spank me! LOL. Okay la, big brother Tim. The founder of MHB. 🙂

HA2 (39)
A photo with Wilee. So in love with her red hawt dress!

HA2 (55)
Pretty emcee of the night: Julie Woon and Nadia Heng

HA2 (56)
And hello!!! LOL. Thanks for rocking the party.

HA2 (45)
Highlight of the night! Eva in the house babe. Her voice memang powerful!

HA2 (47)

HA2 (37)
With my tai kor Jackieloi!

HA2 (52)
With Joeyi moi. Always prefer iPhone’s front camera. 😛 If you get me. Teehee

HA2 (54)
Some craze craze moment after party!

Once again, thank you Hennessy Malaysia for the invitation and awesome party. I really had a lot of fun and enjoyment with all my friends. Thank you and definitely looking for the next one!

Dudes, mark it down. November, Hennessy Artistry will be back again!

Lastly, end this post with
HA2 (48)
ME! Teehee. White dress from Miss Selfridge! Lovely or not? Wo hen mei o? HAHAHAHA! Kill me please.

Till now and then. Wait for my next post. I have a lot to blog but have no time and stupid nettbook! Nevermind, this weekend imma going back to Ipoh and change back my handsome reddo. 😀

Bye, you know you miss me.

p/s: photo credits to Andykho, Jackieloi, Issac than, Benjamin, Henry Lee and G2 company. Trillion thanks for the pictures.



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