Hennessy Artistry’s last was not cool.

By 十一月 4, 2012亂亂想, 活動趴地

Before the party, I’m actually quite excited and looking forward to it as it was the last and biggest Hennessy ever.

First of all, I really have to give credit on their arrangement as in their posters, booths, counter for registration, Hennessy 360 and so forth. Everything was great before entering to the stage and our zone to chill.

Fyi, I was given a pair of Zone O VIP passes. Zone O was the zone specially for media and bloggers. BUT why,

I saw a lot of people who are not media and bloggers have the same tag with us and squeezed at the super small area???? So what’s the difference between us and the other people who just came to party? So next time I just pay and get the VIP passes also laaa? Not saying that bloggers are important or what, but hey, we actually working for you. And our treat was the pair of VIP passes. In the end, we had to squeeze with other people until there’s no even proper ‘lorong’ to walk. Our privilege gone.

Our zone was so damn small.  The place was like at the corner of the hall and it’s in L shaped.  Imagine, even when we took photos also no place for us to stand properly. So just picture it, how small was it. Besides, there’s only a few table and a few sofas. So how were we going to sit with the HUGE bunch of people??? Seriously I was damn pek chek with those people who squeezed around and keep walking down and up and push people one! So no manners! *Major hates

The location of our zone is a shit I would say. We suppose to take pictures around and blog for you after the event, especially on the performance.  So sad that we’re far far away from the stage and we could only see the back side of the artists. So please tell me how could we take good pictures of them and blog for you???

And the performance quite good la for me, but read mike’s blog. He said the artists sang off key. I don’t know how to listen la maybe. HAHA! READ! I prefer the hennessy at KWC

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the night and went home at 1am. So just imagine how it kills my mood to party That’s all.



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