Homemade Pan Mee Recipe 靚媽媽手工板面

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Hi! Sorry for the hiatus again and again. I really should be more hardworking on scheduling more posts. So do you miss me? HAHAHAHA!

Today I’m going to share something that you might interested in,
Phomemade pan mee 手工板面
Homemade Pan Mee Recipe! By Mama Ng!

I guarantee that it is the best pan mee that I ever had. Healthy, not salty and the best ingredient! The best of all, no MSG!

My sisters and I prefer to eat this kind pan mee compared to those which need to process with machine. So I will just share you gonna make the pan mee yourself at home and also the mushroom sauce.

About the Soup

Phomemade pan mee 手工板面
For the soup, my mum boiled it with whole chicken, anchovies and jujube. Boil your soup first as it takes longest time.

About the Pan Mee Dough

Ingredient included:
– Flour
– Egg
– Salt
– Cooking oil
– Water

p/s: Amount I don’t state because it depends on how much you need. Also, my mummy said she also just simply throw in everything based on her six sense. HAHAHAHA!

homemade pan mee 手工板面
The first thing, prepare your flour and add in eggs.

homemade pan mee 手工板面
Then start to add some salts and oil. You can start to blend them together. Remember add in some water when you are blending, as the dough will not easily be made if it’s too dry. Erm, basically you can’t make the dough without the water. HAHAHAH!

homemade pan mee 手工板面
Hello Leng Mama and Jie jie. Thank you for your hardwork and feed my tummy ahahhaha! 😛

About the Mushroom Sauce – SUPER RECIPE

homemade pan mee 手工板面
Ever since I posted some pan mee photos last time. There is some friends who asked me about the sauce. So I’m going to show you how can you cook this sauce.

Erm, not me. Is my mum lol!

– High quality mushroom
– Minced port
– Garlic (Cut it into small pieces)
– Salt
– White pepper
– Oyster Sauce
– Soya sauce
– Dark soy sauce
– Corn flour

homemade pan mee 手工板面
For mushroom, you need to soak it with water until they become soft. After you can cut them into slices so that you can eat them easily. However, how you cut it, it’s up to you. you can also put the whole mushroom and cook it.

NO. I just kidding. Kthxbai!


homemade pan mee 手工板面
Don’t pour away the water that you used to soak the mushroon. IT IS ESSENCE!

homemade pan mee 手工板面
Pour in some oil and start to fry the garlic (Until you can smell the fragrance of garlic), then fry the minced pork and lastly the muhshroom.


Please squeeze the mushroom so that they are dry and easy to fry.

Fry, fry and fry… Then they are almost looking good. Seasoning now!
homemade pan mee 手工板面
Erm, I guess I can skip this part as you guys can see the photos above lol!

homemade pan mee 手工板面
This is how it looks like after frying.

Then now you want to make the sauce! Remember the essence that I asked don’t pour?
homemade pan mee 手工板面
This is the reason why.

Lastly, prepare the corn flour and add in little bit water to make it “gluey”
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

homemade pan mee 手工板面

Cook Pan Mee!

homemade pan mee 手工板面
Use the soup that you boiled and start to tear the dough into pieces and…

Don’t forget this,
homemade pan mee 手工板面

Then the end! Add in mushroom sauce and fried anchovies. Perfecto!
homemade pan mee 手工板面g

Thanks Leng Mama for making this blog post happened! AHHAHA! Thank you for being patient with me because I need to ask her to hold the position and let me snap photos!

How you guys find this recipe? Go ahead and try it out, I believe you can taste the best Pan Mee. Heaven! Nothing beats homemade!

Do let me know by commenting below, if you have try out! Or you have better suggestion. We accept good suggestion to improve.



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