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Probably look forward for the red packets much more when I was a kid. And now, I don’t even care for the red packets anymore. (The sign of getting old and old duhhh). The thing that I concerned, relationship.

#1 Relationship with family

Ofc the first thing above all, family. I prioritised family and I hope I can contribute to the family, to help and support. I still can’t fully support financial of my family now. But I tried my best, to give what I can.

Participated in the annual dinner of my company and the lucky draw was seriously a damn. So many stuff that I wanted. I know I’m not a super lucky one (due to I never win any thing from the lucky draw for like god-damn-EVERYTIME lol!).

Nevertheless, God has been treating me good. He gave me a chance. The OC told me that there was a “Social Media Likes Contest” to grab away an iPad Mini 2.

That moment, I was like,


cny1And this CNY, I presented the iPad Mini 2 for her and red packets, with money ofc lol! Not a big amount, just want to thank my mum for taking care of us for so long. She deserved everything.

IMG_4416I’ve been missing this girl for so long and finally I got to meet her in this festival. Needless to say, she’s been a great younger sister to me, even though she always bully me by teasing me LOL! Still, I love her.

Ofc, my elder sister as well. No picture because my elder sister doesn’t like to take pic with me wth.

Backed to my mum’s hometown and had so much of finger-licking good food! CNY is all about food! 😛


And also, wine.

The moment when I look at the cousins brothers and sisters who have grown up so much, I was like, “Shit, ain’t kidding, I’m really old now.” Can you imagine? You’ve been seeing how they’ve grown up from a baby to a teenage who has its own perceptions nowadays.

cny11Even my cousin brother had already married and gave birth to the two adorable babies!

Just can’t accept the fact that I’m getting elder LOL!

#2 Friendship

Other than family, I prioritised my close friends as well. Yea, I always available for friends whom I think it’s worth to spend the time with them. I will definitely squeeze out the time for them. Bingo! Glad that we managed to catch up, though the time to gather was really short. I still appreciate it and seriously need to plan a getaway weekend to Singapore to catch up with them!

IMG_4400Went to our favourite spot, Indulgence and had this Tiramisu! Love it! But, can the outlook improve a bit? lol!

cnyThe blur photo. 🙁 I still love this though!

As usual, BBQ night with gang. I think I’m the history maker. Last 2 years, I dropped the dorry fish on the floor when bbq-ing. And this year, I dropped the bacon! Nevertheless, they still love me, I supposed. HAHAHAHAH!
IMG_4530Our prince of Chicken Wings LOL!


cny14The first Lou Sang of ours. This year, everyone of us quite rich that we managed to buy lou sang LOL!!! Nah just kidding.

cny12Thank you so much for teaching me how to play this. It was so fun, though I paid them most of the time. -___-

cny15Lastly, TEXAS POKER! 😛 Can we have more?

A photo before home. All the best guys! For those who need to travel for further studies, SAFE FLIGHT AND ALL THE BEST. For those who is going to attend interview, all the best and I know you guys can do it. (coz all of them are genius except me lol). For those who are working like me and Sugar, work harder and play harder hahahaha!

This sums up my CNY. It’s simple and sweet. I might not having the best food and best thing from the world, but I’m satisfied with what I have and definitely appreciate it.

How about you? Have a great year ahead and God bless!



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