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By 七月 8, 2015生活, 跟我吃吃吃

It’s a very impromptu one. I told him I need to have some sweet tooth. So we just headed here to try out the Hong Kong famous snack, Egg Puff!

I’ve been longing for this actually because saw many people posted this and it looks so good! So decided to give it a try on last weekend since both of us have the time to do so. Yea, we are too busy to work hard and earn more emoticon (7)

egg puff with yogurt (1)
After dinner, we came here for a chillax.

egg puff with yogurt (3)
Simply loving the ambience. Out of my expectation, I thought it will be very packed due to it’s Saturday night.

egg puff with yogurt (4)
Loving the wall of bricks.

egg puff with yogurt (5)

egg puff with yogurt (6)
Various ingredients/topping for your yogurt.

egg puff with yogurt (7)
Hello, egg puff lol!

egg puff with yogurt (10)
Tadangg. This was what we ordered. You can either order Egg puff or Egg Puff with Yogurt. Obviously, I wanted to try the one with yogurt. The topping that I chose was red beans because I dislike other toppings lol! The sauce is dark chocolate.

Oh yea, behind of it was the drink that we ordered, Hong Kong Milk Tea. Hmm, it’s kind of soso? Not really special though. The price for this milk tea is RM6.90.

egg puff with yogurt (11)
I quite like the taste of it. It’s crispy for the first bite, then inside of it is soft one. And the best is, it doesn’t oily. This costs me RM12.90. Well, the normal market price lo.

As a conclusion, the egg puff that’s gone viral for a while doesn’t taste as yummy as I thought. However, it’s not that bad too. I personally like it 🙂 Btw, I heard from other people that this egg puff is really made by Hongkie, as the business owners are from Hong Kong.

egg puff with yogurt (9)
Thanks for being patient with me HAHAHHA! He can’t eat the dessert until I finished capturing it 😛

egg puff with yogurt (12)
More food posts coming soon!

Have you tasted it before? Share with me if you had! Welcome to comment at below. 🙂 Talk to me la, I’m very boring lol!

HK Triple Milk 香港三重式

Location: The Golden Triangle (29-1-63), 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Business Hour: 11.00am to 11.00pm



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