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How to have glowing and tighten skin?

I don’t know if you still remember my first visit to Carl Carrynton Medical Centre (CCMC) for body check-up?

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (1)
I was so glad that being invited for the second visit to CCMC. This time was not about body check-up but review their New Aesthetic Clinic.

#1 Consultation with Dr Wong

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (3)
Of course, before any treatment, it’s must to meet with consultant so that you meet what you need. I was being ushered to have a consultation with Dr Wong.

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (4)
She first introduced me the services available in this new set up clinic

Services included:
1. YAG Laser Treatment
2. Co2 (Fractional)Laser System
3. PRP Treatment for face, neck, hands.
4. Chemical Peel
5. Botulinum Toxin
6. Filler
7. Non-surgical Face / Neck Lift
8. PDO Thread Lift
9. Mesolipolysis
10. Tissue Removal Surgery with Cos2 Laser
11. Body Contouring Program

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (2)
Then, I told my problem to her which is the stupid red pigment on my nose. She mentioned that my red pigmentation on my nose probably is a scar.

She reminded me that I visited a facial salon where the beautician kept digging it as she thought it was a usual small mole. However, it’s not.

She recommended me to have the skin check with their new machine, where it can see through you inner skin. Erm, basically everything. After that, she will only decide on what type of treatment that suitable for me.

#2 Skin Check

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (7)
Before skin check, I was required to remove the make up and clean my face. So the make up was kinda wasted la! Because before that I went to the Nars event for the make over!

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (8)
My naked face. Don’t judge. I look like this without make up LOL.

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (9)
After that, I was being ushered to another room for checking up. This black little box. Don’t underestimate the power of it lol!

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (10)

Thank you Junn for being patient and gentle. I was given instruction carefully, step by step. The most important is you must really close your eyes when the beauty advisor tells you, or else you will be blind lol!
Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (11)
The camera flash was like super duper strong, even I closed my eyes, I could still feel how strong was the flash.

For this check up, you have to endure with camera for thrice as it needs to capture the left, right and centre of your face.

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (12)
Then Junn started the analysis on my face. Through the analysis, Junn knew that I had a lot of pimple scars on forehead and acne problem included black heads and white heads.

I was like  photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (13)
Then she also mentioned that I have a lot of UV spots (Black spots if you want to understand it). She recommended I must do extra sun screen (actually not only me, but everyone of us). If I didn’t take care well, the spots will appear by the times I get older, especially to the people who are having fair skin like me.

 photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg photo emoticon24_zps0c3f6797.jpg

Then I told her that I’ve applying sun screen all the while (Actually I started apply sun screen 3 years ago only wth lol, feeling even more guilty and regret now). Junn explained that applying sun screen once is not enough. She said we must reapply every 4-5 hours.

She suggested me to buy those sun screen spray for face. So that I can reapply it for make up face or naked face.

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (14)
To summarize my problems, UV spots and acne. For Acne, Junn said that it is because I didn’t do enough of moisturising. She recommended me to do mask for 2-3 times per week.

I felt even more more more guilty because I rarely do mask because I always think that mask sucks, it doesn’t help on anything. I’m sorry, I’m wrong lol! Nowadays I do it weekly after comes back from this treatment LOL

#3 Letter

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (16)
When Dr Wong showed me the testimony of her client.

Comes back to Dr Wong for further discussion, she recommended me to do a laser treatment on rejuvenation, YAG Laser System. The different between YAG and CO2 is the after effect. YAG doesn’t have any recover time, you can just head out after the treatment. However for CO2, you might need some time to recover.

She recommended me to do this as she thinks that my skin is still considered as good. So she prepared this laser treatment for me to enhance my skin, where it helps to tighten and brightening my skin. For the red pigmentation, it might takes time to recover. *Sobz, I hate the dot on my nose*

Also please take note, if you want a full treatment on pigmentation or whatever serious shit, you are required to do the laser treatment for a few times. For my case, it’s just an enhancement as I don’t have any serious problem.

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (15)
After discussion, I was told to sign the letter of agreement (sort of) lol.

#4 Treatment

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (17)
Dr Wong helps me to wear on the goggles which was to protect your eyes of course LOL!

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (18)
Due to my first time for laser, Dr Wong did the laser on my shoulder first. So that I knew how it felt when it was on my face. No worries, it’s like ant bite.

Not even an ant bite actually, just there’s something on your face lol! It’s not pain!

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (19)

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (20)

Aesthetic Clinic in penang  (21)
I was amazed by the treatment. My skin is really tighten up after few days and of course, skin is brighter than before, at least it doesn’t look dull.

For the red pigmentation, it is still there 🙁 However, the redness is reduced after the treatment. Now I seriously regret to visit the facial shop so much and then caused the red pigmentation can’t recover fast. 🙁

Overall, I enjoyed the services and treatment. Thanks CCMC for the hospitality. And also, I learnt so much of new knowledge about skin too! Thank you for the service!

If you guys are interested to do laser treatment for pigmentation or other skin problem, looking for a good service of aesthethic clinic in Penang. You may look Dr Wong,

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