How to leave a good impression on your first date?

I understand that how nervous will we be for the first date, especially the previous night…

You will end up having bad night sleep and keep on imagine how will your first date go.

Uh uh, this is not silly. I believe everyone, including you, has undergone such a situation. And then, you will lack of sleeps and then the worst is your hair –


moist diane review
Yes! Hair is very important on your first date! LOL! Imagine, your dream guy see you in this kind messy hair on the first date?


I’m not going to ruin my first date! Die, how am I going to have smooth and shine hair in a quick time?? Nothing worse than you didn’t get hair wash yesterday. (What now? Yea, I don’t wash my hair everyday okay? Don’t judge.)

Oh yesss! How can I forget about the beautiful parcel that I received from Moist Diane, so I am thinking why not let use it to restore my hair.
moist diane review
So I’m told that I will have the visible result after using Moist Diane. Thank God, just in time for this important occasion!

moist diane review
Just to share with you, I’m shocked by shampoo texture and its colourless. This is because I seldom see shampoo in this texture lol! So in case you have the same shampoo but don’t know about the texture, here you go!

Perhaps you are not that 38 like me, you have actually seen this kind texture  before LOL! 

moist diane review
So here you go a quick save on my messy and oily hair.

To be honest, I really like the shampoo a lot after my first try (Yea, not the treatment and mask). I can feel the intense result after washing my hair. My hair becomes so smooth and alive again.

Then I’m curious with the ingredients of the shampoo, so I check it out. It actually contains of 8 types of oils and 3 fruit extracts that purposely for shiny and healthy hair.
– Moroccan Argan Oil
– Baobab oil
– Virgin coconut oil
– Marula oil
– Andiroba Oil
– Lupine oil
– Virgin plum oil
– Mango seeds oil
– Lime pearl extract
– Superox-C
– Dragon fruit extract

Wow? Yes I’m wow-ed by it.I bet you have already known argan oil is always good for hair and skin, as it help on cleansing and rejuvenating. I’m happy with it because it’s all extract from the natural ingredients.

Of course. For the best result, of course I complete the other 2 steps lo, since first date is so important. lalalalal~

moist diane review
Really amazed with the result. You can see how my hair colour outshine after using Moist Diane! Then my dull and lifeless hair is restored because this series can moisturises my hair too.

moist diane review
Put on a sweet make up that I always love. Nah, you won’t wanna scare him away with heavy smoky eyes. So pink is definitely suitable for first date!

moist diane review
If you really wanna give it a try but not sure if it’s suitable for you, I think you should really grab Moist Daine Shampoo because it’s really good! You can feel the difference after the first try. And I simply love it a lot, guess I will stick to the shampoo eh? For conditioner and mask, I will need more time to test it. If you really wanna know the result, do let me know!

Oh yea, guess what happen after my first date??
moist diane review
Yeaaa, thanks to Moist Diane for the great fragrance and managed to attract him with my hair scent. HAHAHAHAHAH! Successkid.jpg

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So attract your dream guys with hair scent okay? LOL!


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