I changed my hair colour again oops!

nicccchang with new hair colour

Just for your information, I dyed my hair into black colour around June. Then one day, I stumbled upon this,

This dark green with some blue highlight is definitely my colour. I don’t like light colour as I growing old lol. So I always prefer dark hair colour. That’s the reason why I went for black last time and never thought this kind of dark color series can be beautiful as well.

I hesitate quite long ago if I should dye my hair to this colour. Asking a lot of opinions, friends and even broccoli head supported to dye because you only live young once. So just do it.

Consulted my hair stylist, Lun from LAD Salon. Due to my hair colour was black, I needed to do bleaching so that new colour can be absorbed. Yea, have to give and take. But no worries, I trust Lun a lot so just took up the suggestion of his.

nicccchang with new hair colour at lad salon
Corine helped to wash hair and put on Shiseido Luminogenic Lotion to protect my hair and make my hair smooth.

Lun told me that he didn’t want all my hair gone because of bleaching. He thought of another way to do bleaching on my hair. So he has to do it patiently, layer by layer, to have minimal damage for my hair.

And it’s really a bad decision to dye my hair into black. That’s the reason why I have to sit at the salon for 8 hours due to black colour is hard to be faded. But it’s okay. I’m willing to do it for my hair. 😛

nicccchang with new hair colour

nicccchang with new hair colour
Here you go, the half outcome. As I was told, this is not the full hair colour yet. I have to go back for treatment to strengthen my hair as the hair is weak now lol. (Something like that la ha, I don’t know how to explain in a professional way). After the hair treatment already, then only dye another round.

And it was my first time to dye such colour and then it has to dye two times! Feel so wow! 😛

I’m so looking forward for the new hair colour on me!

Btw, if you wondering the brand of contact lens that I’m wearing,
nicccchang is wearing lens from lookie.my
It’s Select by Fairy (One Day) which is the contact lens that loved by Japanese. I got it from www.lookie.my

nicccchang is wearing lens from lookie.my

nicccchang is wearing lens from lookie.my
This is how is the lens look like. I like it a lot because it’s so natural and comfortable to wear on. Moreover, it’s one-day life spam only. Definitely suitable for me who doesn’t wear contact lens frequently.

I usually wear spec to work to avoid uncomfortable and dry eyes due to the long hours in office. So I only wear lens when I’m heading out for shopping!

So if you are interested, do head up to www.lookie.my for more choices of lens!

Guess I shall make a full stop for today’s! Talk to you guys very soon again!



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