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I’m sure everyone has its dream. So do I.
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People said that dream is impossible to achieve. But I think it’s possible, just it’s hard to strive for it. I would say that it’s not easy to achieve the dream because you can name it, IT’S A DREAM. Dream is usually far and only happen when we are sleeping. HAHAHAH! So it’s abit harder for sure.

I’m now working as Online Marketing Executive where I actually got more opportunities in big city like Kuala Lumpur. But I insisted do not want to go because I hate KL from the deep core of my heart. I hate the lifestyle there, I hate the air there, I hate the traffic there and many more.

As you know, if you want to have more opportunities for blogging and jobs, KL is always the choice. I know the opportunity is there, still I would not choose it, I rather give them up and living in this small island. Okay, Penang is also a city, at least it still has the 人情味. The lifestyle is not as hectic as KL ones. The food is delicious in Penang.

Most importantly, IT’S NEAR TO IPOH MUAHAHAHA!

I had already known that all I want is a peaceful and simple life. I do not like complexity nor chaos, neither. So having a dream of owning a little cottage house in future and living far from city has planted in my deep heart core. Nobody else knows it except a few of close friends and, Broccoli Head of course.

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Even though I grew up and living in a city, I don’t like it. But I have no choice because reality is reality, I know we have to earn and work for life. Just, this is the future plan when I become popo?

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I always and always wish to have a little cottage in a beautiful forest or anywhere, as long as it’s not a city but with all the beautiful nature scene.

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And at the same time, I had my own farm with some chicken, cows, sheep and etc lol! Very imaginary right? Dream what!

Then, I will have my carefree time to take care all the plants, animals and bakery! Of course with some great coffee or flower tea too. This is the life that I always wanted. Casual, free and serenity.
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Of course, together with my loved ones, seeing sunset together, planting flowers together, waiting for our children to visit us togehter, growing old till we die with peace… LOL! Die also want die with peace okay?

So what’s your dream?



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