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I Love Okinawa

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One of my dreams is to travel to Japan. Yea, Japan has always been a place that I wanted to go because of their fresh air, food, environment and of course the unique cultures.

And yes, I have always been jealous my friends who got to travel to Japan! I don’t care, I must get there one day lol. I want to go Tokyo (Yes, Tokyo Disneyland is a must!), Hokkaido, Okasa, Nagoya and…..

Okinawa Island! okinawa

Which I think is the best island ever.

I got to know more about Okinawa Island through the Facebook page that I came across, Visit Okinawa Malaysia. #ILoveOkinawa

The first thing that attracted me is the nature of Okinawa Island,
Kabira Bay on Ishigaki Island. Kabira bay in Ishigaki island, one of the One Hundred best views of Japan. // The deep blue ocean sea where you can see the beautiful coral reef and Tropicana fish! // You can fully enjoy the blue sky and ocean by driving across Okinawa. // And the thing that I could not resist! The earliest deep pink cherry blossom in Japan, so beautiful. I cannot resist the pink colour. <3

Other than that, the people and the event in Okinawa,
okinawa people
An old man who is famous for the longevity // Young men, dancing “Eisa”, a traditional dance of Okinawa. // Haaree festival” races are held with traditional boats called “Sabani”. // Triathlon in the nature.

Isn’t interesting to know what do the people do on the island? What kind of lifestyle they have all this while? Wow, it would be an eye opener for me. Seriously, I love travelling not only because of it is a lot of fun, it helps me to gain knowledge as well. :3

And of course, not to miss out on their unique culture.
okinawa culture
The world heritage “Shuri Castle” is located on a hill in the northern part of Naha city // Sansen is an important instrument for Okinawan music. // Representative and traditional dyeing technique in Okinawa // Protectorate god in Okinawa.

As a disclaimer, I’m not saying that other cultures are not as interesting as Okinawa’s culture. Every culture has its uniqueness and specialities. That’s why travelling is the best way to observe more and get to know different cultures.

And tadannnggggggggggg, JAPANESE CUISINE rules! I kinda don’t know how to express my love towards Japanese cuisine. Trust me I can just have sushi everyday without getting bored.

One of the reasons that made me so in love with Japanese food is because I feel it is healthy and not really oily. Even the tempura too! Teehee.

I’m sure the food is even fresher in Japan than what I have in Malaysia. HAHAHAHA.
okinawa food
Sea Grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera) One kind of seaweed taken in the sea around Okinawa // Scampi (Marsupenaeus japonicas) Fresh scampi from the ocean around Okinawa. // Steak, one of the Okinawa favorite gourmet. // Traditional Okinawan noodle called “Okinawa Soba” is made by flour. (Pork –Free Soba)

Lastly, the resorts and the leisure activity!
okinawa resort leisure
Blue ocean seen from the resort hotels. // You might witness a wedding holds in front of the blue ocean. Ahhh, so romantic. // “Churaumi Aquarium” is the popular sightseeing spot // International Street, full of places you can have at night.

So much to see and to learn right? Awww, I’m planning to visit this beautiful island! Maybe after graduating?? Teehee. Thank God that I knew Okinawa will be at MATTA Fair! So if you’re really interested to visit this island, you just gotta check the great deals from MATTA Fair!

Anyway, Okinawa is running an #ILoveOkinawa campaign and you can just win away some freebies by following three simple steps

Step 1: Go to and like the it

Step 2: Fill up all your details (name, email and etc)

Step 3: Choose your three favourite photos from the five categories that I mentioned above and comment on them if you want! (Commenting is optional)

And you’re done! As simple as ABC

So how to win?

Within the period February 10 – March 10, 2014, you must submit your application in order to win the freebies from Okinawa.

After closing the application, Okinawa will choose a winning photo randomly and 55 participants who choose the same winning photo will be chosen. An email will be sent to winners and the prize will be delivered to them later on.

To be frank, you don’t need to do much thing to grab away the freebies. Oh ya, did I mention what is the freebies are???

1st prize for 5 persons, “Ryukyu Glass”
okinawa ryuku glass

2nd prize for 50 persons, “Star Sand”
okinawa star sand

Easy right? So remember to visit and LIKE Okiniwa Facebook page and join the giveaways. You won’t be regret visiting the Visit Okinawa page, as it has a lot of information of Okinawa for you!



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