I’m From Honey Mask – Give Your Skin the REAL Nutritions

Hello guys! Hahahah! It has been some time that I did not compose blog post in English. I’m now so not used to it!

Erm, not really lol! I actually write English content in my company everyday. HAHAHAHA! Kill me.

Without any further delaying, to avoid I talk too much non sense. Let’s straight head into the topic today.

I’m going to share about the REAL honey mask by I’m From that I received recently.
I'm From Honey Mask Review
Isn’t creative? At first, I thought I’m From Honey Mask is the full name of this product. Then slowly find out that I’m From is actually one of the beauty product line that produce a few of good masks.

I'm from honey mask
To be honest, I was being attracted by its packaging and design. Don’t you think it is simple and beautiful?

Of course, its ingredient is awesome as well.

I was so impressed that it’s actually contain 38.7% of real organic honey!

This is because normally, the kind of honey mask that you can get from the current market now are mostly artificial and thus, it is not effective.

I'm from honey mask with spatula
The moment when you open the bottle. You can smell the honey already! It really smells like those honey that we can eat. No joke. I even let my colleague to check on this little bottle too. And they love the smelly of real honey!

Oh ya, it comes with a spatula too, which you can use it to take out the honey mask, not your fingers lololll.

the benefits of i'm from honey mask
Personally, I actually prefer to use the paper mask instead of this kind wash-off type of mask.

Why? I do not need to wash off my face after using the paper facial mask. I like cool feeling of using them as well, as I will put all of my paper mask into fridge to store.

I rarely use this kind of wash-off mask, where you need to wash your face after using it.

However, you are advised to use different kind of mask, no matter is paper mask or wash-off mask. So that your face not only absorbed the serum, but the real nutrition too.

So I’m From Honey Mask is definitely your best choice for wash-off type of mask, because of HONEY, as Honey is your skin favourite food!

The best of all, it is easy to use. Just you need to wash your face again after that. That’s the only thing that I do not like.
how to apply i'm from honey mask

My personal review for this honey mask is, I think it is quite oily for me. Maybe it is not oily, it is the natural kind of moisture feeling which I do not used to it.

I cannot think of any bad things about this mask, as I do not have side effect after using it.

Whilst, I cannot think of any real good things about this mask too. This is because I do not feel a huge different after using it too. So quite balanced?

But if you ask me, will I continue to use it? Yes I will. Because I want to feed my skin with various kind of vitamin an nutrition which will improve your skin texture. Honey is the best food for your skin~

after using i'm from honey mask effect
My face after using the honey mask and 2nd cleansing.

I'm from honey mask with nicccchang
I will use this mask ONCE in a fortnight. Most of the time I will use paper mask.

If you are interested to try it out, you may purchase or get more information from WishTrend.

Anyone of you have already using it? If yes, what you think about it ya? Don’t be shy to leave a comment and share your experience with me too!

Till now and then, I will talk to you guys again soon.


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