One of the best achievement that I could reached in blogging – numerous of sponsors for pretty apparels! Dresses, shorts, heels and so forth. 🙂 Teehee. Rewards for the passion to blog which never die off after 5 years and still counting! I wanna blog until the day I die if I could, then ask my grandchildren to read. LOL. See your popo so pretty! HAHAHA! Okay, think too much. *smack head

ihf (9)-004

From all the blog shops that I collaborated with, In House Fashion is the first one which is cross over the sea, Singapore the “Singa Land” *Big wide smile. Kinda glad that they included me in their project as well! 🙂

“In House Fashion (IHF) Singapore retail & Online store was founded in 2007 with the aim of sharing our love for fashion! IHF carries an extensive range of fashion at pocket friendly prices.Our apparels largely consists of unique designed and manufactured items, carrying its own in- house label. We have a lot of trendy clothing hand-picked and bring in from overseas as well.”

From dress, casual, floral, peplum, denim and so forth! All the trends which is hot in street and you will love it definitely. Trust me, I was having hard time to choose the apparels! How I wish I could own all of them! Awww, okay, it’s not good to be too greedy. Teeehee.

In this post, I gonna feature the three most favourite of all. *giggles Actually all of the choices are my favourites LOL

1.  Kylie Lace Bralet in Mint (The top in the picture shown) which is their self-manufacturing apparel! So lovely right and you can find it no where. Aite? You won’t bang with others 😛 I don’t like the awkward moment when you meet someone else who wears the same clothes with you. Lollol.
A piece of bralet which cant take my eyes off it!! Hehehe~ They have other colours to choose too! Just go over their page and have a look if you are interested to have one.

ihf (7)-004
The back. It’s stretchable one.

2. Aztec Knit Skirt in Black White (The bottom in the picture shown). I’m drenched into Aztec and tribal prints recently. Teehee.
ihf (5)
A lot of my friends PM me about this skirt once I posted up to facebook. Can see, the power of Aztez~

3. Sophie Floral Topwhich definitely another sweet piece. Flora and peplum what else could you ask for? *Major loves
ihf (14)-006

ihf (13)-005

ihf (16)-009

ihf (17)-010
Super in love with piece! It goes well with shorts too. Easy matching top.

ihf (18)-005

ihf (19)-011
Another thing is, this top will make your boobs look bigger. HAHAHAHA! 😛

ihf (20)-012
Skin without foundation is always better, thanks to Miyome. 😀


For more updates on fashion, do “LIKE’  In House Fashion facebook page. Owh you gonna have hard time on choosing which to buy! Teehee. Or buy all~


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