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Boooo! Aloha, I intended to blog about the first post of Melbourne. After all, I was lazy to do the arrangement of the photos. HAHAHAHA! Yes, I haven’t go through the photos until now. Quite lazy to do so because one scene took like don’t know how many pictures and then I have to choose the best one to be on the blog. Sienz.

So now you know what bloggers do. You think easy but it’s not easy. You have to spend the time and take the effort for each and every post. Most of the time, I don’t draft my blog posts. I spend on choosing photos and editing photos more. The most annoying thing in the world. But, it’s part of my job so nvm.

Let’s talk about the date with Cassy. We planned to go for brunch and then hi tea together. So before the day, I searched if there is any nice place to chill out in Ipoh. You know Ipoh is limited with all these, so have to do research one.

So decided to have our brunch at favourite dim sum shop. :3 Then only hi tea and chill.
cafe at 91 nicccchang (3)
All time favourite 酸辣刀削面.

cafe at 91 nicccchang (2)

cafe at 91 nicccchang (1)

So far, this is the place that I always have my dim sum. Friends from other places always go Foh San or Ming Kok to eat.

NO! They are getting bad and bad .


For those who interested to know where is this place that I recommended, here you go:

No 74, Persiaran Greentown 1,
Greentown Business Centre,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : 605-253 3551

Actually, we ordered another few like xiang long bao and liu sha bao as well, just that I didn’t take picture because I was too hungry and wanna eat. LOL.

After this…. then we followed the direction that WAZE showed us to Coffee at 91.

And let’s , guess where WAZE brought us to where?

Coffee at 91 is actually located at Tambun Inn Hotel. Just behind of the Tambun Inn Hotel. Then the stupid WAZE ever brought us to Sunway City Ipoh wtffff. It’s like opposite side of the shop dy. OMG. I will never trust WAZE anymore! Yesterday just realized that Google Map is actually better. 

So like one and a half hour, we reached the place. -.-
cafe at 91 nicccchang (4)
This fucking entrance just BEHIND of the hotel. BEHIND, don’t turn inside to the main entrance of Tambun Inn Hotel, down further next street then turn okay? -_________-

cafe at 91 nicccchang (5)

cafe at 91 nicccchang (7)

The place is small like potato. We actually waited for seats and the service there is not so good. Okay, it’s just a cafe, what do I expect? BUT, the decoration for the shop wins.

cafe at 91 nicccchang (14)
We actually wanted to sit at the sofa side which has more chio decoration, but the two girls sitting there for too long. So yea.

cafe at 91 nicccchang (6)
Hello! Baby girl was busy texting with her boy. :3

cafe at 91 nicccchang (8)
Ordered a tea set. If you ask my opinion, I would say they have the decent look but the tasted is not good, Yes, I’m being very honest here. :3

cafe at 91 nicccchang (13)
Something like Italian Soda. This drink tastes good. 🙂

Girls like the most, selca with every single thing that has decent looking. LOL.

#1 Pattern 1
cafe at 91 nicccchang (9)
cafe at 91 nicccchang (10)
Cassy’s turn.

#2 Pattern 2
cafe at 91 nicccchang (11)
cafe at 91 nicccchang (12)
Girls being girls. :3

cafe at 91 nicccchang (15)
Our first polaroid failed. -__________- The hair and the face like MEHHH.

cafe at 91 nicccchang (16)

cafe at 91 nicccchang (18)
I quite like this because our blur face lol! Cassy accidentally clicked the camera button and it was set as timer. So 3 2 1 go. LOL. Ended pose like this. Not bad mah. xDD

cafe at 91 nicccchang (20)
Thank you girl for spending time with me and cleared all my questions and doubts. Now I am motivated to keep going and fight for it. Hopefully our plan is going well and will be succeed one! :3

#ootd I’m actually glad that we have the same thoughts about fashion. Great thinking alike.
cafe at 91 nicccchang (21)

cafe at 91 nicccchang (24)
Mint dress from ihf(Malaysia) Need not I mention anymore? I did quite many blog post for them and so far never disappointed me! I will give my support continuously until I die or maybe, getting old. LOL

cafe at 91 nicccchang (23)
And bye! I’m gonna watch my CaptainKhoo now!



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