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The darlings went Penang and ofc me tagged a long. lolll. They purposely match their time with us who were having finals! Teehee.

So yea, we went Penang on June. They went there for vacation and I… went back for the last paper which fell on June 22 wtfffffffffff. :-S  Nevermind, just a day, I endured.

This time a little bit different with last time. Usually we have car to drive up ourselves but this time couldn’t get a car. So yea, took bus together!

Sugar sat beside me! Shades to cover my puffy eyes. I dint have enough sleeping previous night.

This photo is taken after we reached Penang.

Lulu and Wan lim came and picked us up at bus station! Then headed to lunch and chilling. Like finally the reunion!!

 #Take1: Woohoo! Ipoh Kuaika’s group photo finally! Perfect! Everyone was here! Happy die ^^

#Take2: And also welcome the little Fozyy! Teehee. The present for the moi from Lulu and Wan wan. Elehh, I havent buy hers. :-/

Girls’ shoot!

 #Take1: The girls. My favourite girls ever.

 #Take2: Big mouth with little Fozyy!

#Take3: Mirror shoot. Wheee.

After that headed back to hostel for preparing of last paper. :-///

The next morning after the paper straight met them up. Did some shopping and prepared for the birthday dinner of moi.  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Tadanggg. I wore the dress from Whitesoot.

Sugar and I being playful all the time! ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Italiannies was the place we had our awesome dinner. It located at Gurney Paragon.

I love their environment there, second visit is a must. 😛

Environment 3/5 . If it’s bigger and cooler then excellent.

They served the best pasta and pizza. This was what I heard before coming here.

I love this ring a lot. Teehee. Bought it during sales I remembered. X))

Selca to kill time. With the candies. Too bad Miss Lulu was not there with us. :-/

The two handsomes of the night. Another one was still on his way to come here. Lol. 
Owh. Face fat already. :-S
Selca with the sweetie. I only can selca with her because of the seat. Not convenient to selca with another two sweeties. 
The bread served at the first. I love to eat this kind of bread. Lol. Very yummy. Especially dip with the balsamic vinegar? Aiya, dont know what’s that called. Anyway, it’s nice. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭ 
Now is food time! The first dish, forgot what name. Chicken sizzling. Super huge.
 This thingy came together with the chicken. HAHAHA! How to eat with this thing. 
The pan was bigger than his face. Woohoo. 
Sugar’s. Dont know what chicken. 
Wan wan’s Meatball Spaghetti. Something like this. Super huge meat ball. Darlings said Ikea’s meatball is better. Serious??? I never eat Ikea’s meatball before. I want to try! 🙁
Eating? Nope. She was arranging back the meatball. LOL. She wanna selca with her food. X)
Okay. Not bad. Hahaha. Very nice photo.
Summer’s Lasagna. I dont know how to spell laa. First time saw it served with a pot. o_O
Mushroom flavour one. Forgot all the name laa. X)
And finally, my all time favourtie Carbonara!!!! VERY YUMMY!!! I can feel the parmesan cheese please!

The plate is holy big! LOL
Awesome dinner. Ofc awesome bill. :-X
Fooled around after dinner. Pupu. =___=
The girls. I love them to the max! ♥♥
 Sugar daddy. All time best friend and best lecturer. 😛

VIP. HAHAH! If you watch the video ‘How to dance in the club” I assure you know this pose. Laugh die the video.
Then backed to hotel and prepared to shake shake babehhhh. Owhhh. 
Changed and touched up! xoxo.
With gentlemen. HAHAHAH! See the hair! So tall and sharp. X))
Girls never fail in selca. Selca spirit spread until toilet’s mirror. Hahaha. Erm, I wasnt tallest among the girl. I was stepping on a towel! 
Aloha Mois. Long time no see. My second home. 😛 No la, the sixth time I came here I guess.

 Ordered Black labelled and a bucket of beer. Black label changed bottle already or what?

I danced until my hair all wet. ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭ 
The guys. Sugar daddy failed that night. LOL. 

╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭  ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭  Tskk. 

This photo super funny. All very high, it was about the end okay? X))
I had a fun night with all my kuaika. I appreciated you all!! Friendship forever. xx
Tomorrow sing k with all the loveliness! Woots. Finally no need grow mushroom at home.

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