It is okay

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It is okay

When some people don’t understand you, and they did something that make you disappointed. Sit down, relax. Do you ever let them to understand about you?

No, you never. That’s why they don’t understand you.

Sometimes, it’s not about hypocrite.  You just don’t wish to let everyone to understand about you.  You want your own privacy, own space where you will be who you really are.

This is not sick. It’s not fake, you are still who you are, just that you want the ‘you’ reveal to yourself only, or maybe to those who are really understand you.

It’s all about understanding.  We often judge people by the surface, but never try to observe deep down and understand them.  Do you try to understand them? Or you just glance them through the surface?

It is okay..

that you meet some people who don’t understand you, just be patient and endure.

Not sure if you understand the message of this post, but whatever it is. Be happy. And tonight I have Jayesslee’s cover to accompany me. Perfect Saturday night.



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