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By 六月 17, 2014生活, 跟我吃吃吃


Finally! It’s over! Sem break is here. I’m having my own sweet time to do the things that I wanted to do teehee. the first thing is to update my blog like mad lol. No laaa, I will just update it more frequently! Yayy!

Initially I was having a part time job at Smartkids Learning Centre. Ya don’t doubt. Be the teacher! LOL! But I quit the job as I have better option for my future. Teehee.

Thanks boss for the opportunity and thank God for everything! Anyway, I’m quite nervous though the time of the job is flexible.  I need a good time management!

Anyway, I did enjoy the time in the centre. Kids are adorable, sometimes lol, provided they don’t make noise and feeling happy when they see me. :3

So this post will just post up some food that I ate for the past few weeks lol. I’m so sorry if I made you hungry. But my job is to make your hungry HAHAHAHAH.

Japanese food. I always love Japanese food.
Soft Crab Temaki from Oh Sushi.

Didn’t manage to take a photo of my set because I was too hungry and forgot about it lol.

My favourite from Sakae Sushi. Trust me, your stomach would be burst after eating this. Gosh.

Miam Miam. Some chocolate time. :3

Hot chocolate with Mashmallow.

Some home-cooked food
The most lousy home-cooked food. HAHAHAH. It’s just the instant noodles that I just bought from the Japan’s fair. XO Sauce Instant Noodles, RM9.99 =.= I know it’s expensive, however, it’s something that I wanted to try so long ago. So just buy it!

Steamed egg with minced pork and crab stick. I forgot to add a little bit of water so it’s so dried. Nevertheless, it still yummy teehee. :3

I have a lovely mum. She gave whole box of chicken chop until now I haven’t finish them! I just cut the chicken chop into slices and fried it with ginger and oyster sauce. Very easy.

Top with spring onion to make the dish looked more interesting. Aww, I have the passion of cooking recently lol.

Tomato Egg! The most successful tomato egg that I ever had lol. I love it so much. If you wonder, yea, it’s very big portion one as I only eat this without rice. 3 eggs and 6-7 tomatoes lol.

Lotus soup with pork rib. :3 Not a bad one, just that I don’t own too much of ingredients, the taste hasn’t reach Mama’s level.

Broccoli with chicken breast. Try to be in love with chicken breast lol. Eat leass chicken thigh! Keep fit!

Cooked all the choy sum that I got. Believe me it’s so full and so tired just to chew the vege =.= LOL.

Mamak with the family in Christ! I’m not sure where did I go lol. So I can’t give you the exact location. I just go wherever they go~ It’s nearby the factory area.
Ham jiak sai, Lang jiak Ham. AHAHAHA. I learnt a ‘HAM’ song from them.



This telur dadar was too little. >.< I think the boss was too kiam siap lo. Aiyor.

Tom Yum soup!

This recommended by Jessica! Kung Fu Kuey Tiao. You eat dy can fly one lol. The taste is special, love it!

Ikan Bakar. Typical Malaysian Food.

Lastly, Pork Noodles. All the organs of the pork inside this bowl, except the brain because I felt sinful and disgusting to eat a brain LOL.

That’s all for this. I will update again tomorrow lol. Clear off all the pending post!



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