JJ Cafe invaded by L6F2

By 十二月 19, 2013生活, 跟我吃吃吃

Nah, it’s actually four of us gathered in JJ cafe. 😛

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Finally I met up with this Missy. And now I really miss her and can’t wait to back to hometown to meet up with all the beloved! T_________T Most of them came back to Malaysia, how I wish get rid of everything in this island and go back and just meet them up like last time.

Just, life doesn’t allow me to do so. 🙁

Most of my friends miss their high school time. But I miss my Pre-U life more than high school. Just maybe because…

I was in girl school. AHAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously so much fun when I transferred to Sam Tet (boy school). Bring handphone to school and you can just pass it to teachers to hide for you when there is a spot check lol. And my class, I got a lot of guys for me to bully. No la, just tease and disturb them. I’m not that bad. xD

Skipped all that. I love my Form six life because I really found friends who really helped me a lot, with the heart AWWW. Not the fake one, those, seriously annoyinggggggggggg.

We have been so many years never meet with each other except my girls la lol. So decided to have small gathering since everyone can make it.

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Head to JJ Cafe this time. Quite famous in Ipoh. Above that one should be a Green Tea Cake. I have forgotten, im sorry. lol.

nicccchang (2)
Coffee mile crepes, I think so. LOL

nicccchang (5)
Here is the picture of us. Friends whom I appreciate a lot. And can’t wait for Wai Hung (the thorn among the roses in case you don’t know who is wai hung lol) to come over Penang! He is going to intern in Penang. Let’s hang out again!

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Another one, awkward pose coz the space are limited and want the bear inside the picture as well.

nicccchang (8)
Thank God for all these little friends. We had so much fun and great time! I want another gossip time lol. Somemore we have our Mr Tham Wai Hung, he is such an entertainer. 😛

Night time, I met up with the loveliness! My best best best best best gang every, thank God that I went for Form Six and knew them all and now we are the best friends!

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And I won’t forget what they told me. They hate me a lot before knowing me because I’m noisy. Until now, I’m still a noisy girl but they love me so much now! ahahhaaha! Awww, so sweet huh.

Nah, I love them too. And I definitely proud of them because all of them super clever (They passed STPM with 4flats!).

And yes you don’t ask me about the result! LOL. Coz ben xiao jie was a naughty girl before that and didn’t really study for it. Kinda regret actually. If I work harder I believe I can have a better result

Coz I know I’m not stupid. 😛

Okay la enough of that. Just can’t stop thankful for the great time, singing K, emo together. Awww, wait me my friend. Imma back soon! Let’s eat nasi lemak at my house! :3

Always remember to look for friends who push you, teach you to be come a better person.  Not the one who always have fun with you only, but the one who willing to give advice when you are having your hard time. 

I love you my friends.



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