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Marriage is happiness. Yea, it’s sweet and romantic. Always.. 🙂

I attended wedding dinner of my cousin sister. Teeehee. It’s my first time to attend wedding of someone who is close to me. 😛 Sampat level 999999999 HAHAHAH! Nah, most probably the wedding dinner that I attended was far relative one. I didn’t know who were them. Le sigh, the problem of having TOO MANY relatives and big family. Seriously, the relation very complicated. LOL. I just knew the closest one. All those tai gong tai por or tai tai tai gong all dont know. =___= Wonder, if the teacher asks to draw a family tree… I couldn’t imagine. LOL.

And also I always ask my friends who were almost at the marriage age to get married as soon as impossible. HAHAHAH! Because I wanna attend wedding dinner of someone who is close to me. :-3 The feeling is different you know. Hee.

So back the topic of today, my cousin sister is from Ipoh and the bridegroom is from Johor. So we have to ba zhao for two times. One in Ipoh and another one will be at Johor. 16 September, wedding dinner held in Dong Hoi Menglembu, Ipoh. Teehee.

And my elder sister is the bridesmaid! She volunteered to so. Hao lian. X)

Initially I planned to wear this, I somehow forgot the name of the dress – Inspired Victoria Wine Red Dress from Whitesoot.

After all, I myself felt weird so changed to the old dress. *smack head The dress above was just nice for wedding, I didn’t know why I changed it. =..=

john & helen's  (3)
Hair sucks day. So I decided to tie it up. =..= It wasn’t a good day I could say. I didn’t know how many times I have removed my make up and started all over again and hair also sucks. The curls not like usual one.

john & helen's  (5)
The little sis and I. Teehee. She’s growing up and like to fatt hao everyday. heehhehe. I need to teach her some dress up knowledge. HAHAHAHAH. *flip hair

john & helen's  (7)
And we reached… much earlier. At 6.30pm, what to do. We were the main family members, needed to reach earlier to help out. Hmm, actually I didn’t do anything at there also. HAHAHAHA! Just waited for the bride and bridegroom to reach and FOOD!

john & helen's  (8)
Champagne and the fake cake. =..= I thought can eat one.

john & helen's  (11)
We were seated at Table No.2. Tell you what, wedding dinner wasn’t simple at all. You couldn’t imagine how kelam kabut when ONE thing went wrong. And I lazy to describe so yeaaa just summarize : “Wedding dinner wasn’t simple.”

I think I can score ‘A’ for summary. LOL

john & helen's  (12)
Hehehehe. Got flower one. Last time all wedding dinner we were like being dumped. LOL. *Dislike. HAHAHAHAH WTF

john & helen's  (15)
We were the boss!

john & helen's  (10)
I changed to this dress. Somehow sisters said that body hugging dress suit me more. LOL. Izit? Actually I think I look pretty in any dress lo. HAHAHAHAHA wtf.

john & helen's  (13)
Oh hi. Aunty Lily who came back from Australia just for this wedding. Still look pretty and young!! 😀 Awkward moment when she told me that she reads my blog and called me hottest blogger. She stalked me. HAHAHA.

Damn paiseh. :-O *face gone red and shy shy

john & helen's  (16)
His son aka my cousie, Jesse. Please eat more and gain some weight. LOL. Le sister and I looked huge beside him.

john & helen's  (18)
Le elder sister. She looked so pretty after dressing up. LOL. Eye bags and dark circle covered!!! LOL. I kept asking her “Hoi sum mou?? Tonight your dark circle is gone.” HAHAHAHA! So fun of teasing her.

That’s why I always tell her. PLEASE LEARN DRESS UP AND MAKE UP. X) She can be pretty like me. HAHAHAHAH. Today damn pressure with assignments, so have to self praising a bit to relax. X)

john & helen's  (21)
Little sister and I. Guess what, when we were still kid, we used to fight with each other because I hate her and jealous. You know la, the difference of being the little kid and middle kid. LOL. But now I love her so much dont worry. XD Miss the night dancing with her. Both of us couldn’t fall asleep and dance gangnam style during the midnight. Omgeeee? hehehehe. Join us next time! LOL.

I miss you Esther Chang. Mwah mwah. ♥♥♥♥

john & helen's  (22)
Le little sister said want to set this as profile picture. LOL.

john & helen's  (23)
Life too good. Ate a lot recently and became fatty boom boom now. =..=

john & helen's  (24)
Tadangggg. Kid is always cute! She’s the daughter of my eldest cousin sister. Incredibly cute!

john & helen's  (31)
The kid’s gang, with iPad. =..= Last time I brought barbie doll one. LOL. Arent they handsome or pretty??? HAHAHA! Chang’s family genes aite.

john & helen's  (25)
Photo with mummy. The most wonderful woman on Earth. 🙂
john & helen's  (26)
A lot of people saying that my mum looked young. Seriously? lol. I told her this and she said,

“As always.” =..= Cant praise one! LOL.

john & helen's  (29)
Le sisters.

john & helen's  (28)
Some paparazzi moment.

john & helen's  (32)
Me and baby sis again. Mwah.

john & helen's  (33)
Oh hi. The happy family. After this, I wonder how long till the next time seeing each other again. LOL!

john & helen's  (37)
Finally the couple reached!! Sho happy and sweet. Teehee! And my FOOD!

john & helen's  (38)

john & helen's  (40)

john & helen's  (42)
Sister’s new profile picture. Faster thank you me la. XD My awesome sonnie boy. X)

john & helen's  (43)
And le baby niccc was ready for food! HAHAHAH wtf first time calling myself baby. I digust me. =.=

john & helen's  (44)
Ohai. I shy shy *big puppy eyes

Food time! Hungry like hell. The food served at 8pm. 🙁 I hungry for two hours. Sayang my stomach.
john & helen's  (45)

john & helen's  (46)

john & helen's  (47)
I ate damn a lot of prawns. My favourite. Teehee.

john & helen's  (48)
Owhhh. Baby pig’s head. Baby sister didn’t eat this one because she said it’s sinful. What’s the difference with eating an old pig and baby pig. LOL. It still need to be killed anyway, just the TIMING. ahhahaha!

john & helen's  (49)
Sorry for the bad angle. lol.

john & helen's  (79)

john & helen's  (80)

john & helen's  (81)
This one very yummy and cute to eat. LOL
john & helen's  (83)

john & helen's  (82)

john & helen's  (50)
After the bride changed her dress. Omgeeeeee. I super in love with this dress!! The colour can kill me! Teeheee. Next time my marriage I want everything in baby pink or galaxy themed. X)

john & helen's  (53)
Cut the fake cake. LOL

john & helen's  (55)
Champagne shower. No laaa. LOL. Party too much.

john & helen's  (56)

john & helen's  (58)
Jiao bei jiu. Awwwww.

john & helen's  (59)
Teehee. Sho sweet. heheheheheh

john & helen's  (60)

john & helen's  (67)
Yummmmmmmm senggggggggg.

john & helen's  (74)
So high. LOL.

john & helen's  (76)
Le pretty sister. Got my genes. Good.

john & helen's  (77)
Baby sister too! LOL.

john & helen's  (78)
And ME! Teeheee.

john & helen's  (84)
Craze craze moment!


That’s called night.

Oh yea, super ridiculous that there’re people who gave angpao RM10 for this wedding. o_O RM10, I didn’t know how could the people do that??? Harlo, so stingy then don’t attend la. Nobody forced you. :-/

Bloody RM10…!

There were four angpaos with RM10 somemore. =____________________________=

Applause for them. *claps claps claps. It’s not we wanted big angpao from the guests, but RM10 it’s like sooooo argh! I didn’t know how to describe. Just they were “amazing”



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