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John&Helen’s Part 2

Yes, I’m going to blog about my cousin sister’s wedding lunch in Johor.  Uuhh errm, not over too long aite. I blogged after they came back from honeymoon HAHAHA! So almost three weeks. Sorry, I can’t do anything as I don’t really capture much photos for this time because I was busy to be the ‘sister’ of the bride. Keke.

Dashed down to Johor at around 6am, =.= I wonder why no one in the family told me that we will depart at around 6am. If not I will choose to sleep earlier, I slept at around 3 to 4am. So you guys wanted me to be zombie. T___T  I was just sleeping like pig throughout the whole journey to Johor even so lazy to go toilet.  Can you imagine how tired was I?

Reached Johor like finally and we went over the bridegroom’s house to have simple buffet. Usually people will have buffet before their wedding dinner or lunch. I don’t know why. In canto, it’s called sek chao fun. Whyyy? I asked my mum. She said don’t know. =.=

 wedding (152)
Baby sister and I. Since when she became an alcoholic??? I asked her do you want to drink beer ar? She’s like so gan jeong YES YES YES. =..= I wonder who taught you drink beer one? LOL. No good no good. She’s just 16 and I started drink alcohol at the age of 17! LOL. See I more guai.

 So just skipped to the next day, I woke up extra earlier as I need to style my elder sister too. I woke up at 4.30am. Can die. =.= So busy, have to curl my hair and make up and for elder sister as well. I just simply pat on her as I don’t know how to help people make up. LOL. But she looked great that day! 😛
wedding (163)
Tadanggg. All sleepy heads. Lol. Elder sis’s hair too good because she never did rebonding or colouring, super healthy hair. I prefer spoilt hair where the curls can last longer. LOL. So yea, her curls gone in just two hours. =.=

wedding (173)
Me with the white lace dress. If you subscribed or my friends of my facebook, I’m selling this dress. Le best friends asked me not to sell as it looks good on me. But I fat already lol. This dress was just nice six months ago and not tight at all. But now tight like fuck especially the butt there. =.= Actually it’s just tight at the butt area. LOL.

wedding (169)
Baby sister and I.

I was quite excited as it was my first time to be one of the ji mui in a wedding. Sampat level 91923098103984. Forgive, the wedding which I attended just sit and eat only lol. So yea, it’s pretty excited and hype hype.

But it’s not excited when gap si-ing. =.= READ this post!!

wedding (182)
Deng deng deng deng~ The bride was ready to be out? Sounds wrong. =.= is 出嫁 lol.

wedding (183)
Always love wedding gown. They are love. Awww.

wedding (185)
The bride with us. ^^ Aren’t we pretty? Baby sister is going to kill because I didn’t help her to photoshop her arms. LOL. Lazy la moi. X)

wedding (174)
All the jimuis before the heng daiss came.

wedding (161)
Seems like the photographer focused on wrong subject. HAHAHAHA!

wedding (171)
If you wonder, the guys was one of the ji muis lol!

wedding (188)
These were what we prepared for the heng dais. So caring, we prepared bread with a lot of wasabi and water which contain a lot of vinegar. 😛 and the pail inside got ice and the bridegroom need to use his little toes to ‘kiap’ the house key. HAHAHA

wedding (5)
They’re happy before they came to pick the bride. LOL.

Everything went well except what the video man asked us to do. But no choice, for video effect, all of us have to sing one song,


Diu LOL I’m sorry. But cant help.

wedding (3)
And also we asked them to dance gangnam style too! Can’t skip this aite? The bridegroom danced like a penguin so funny! LOL. Btw, they did homework before they came. They predicted us will ask them to dance this. So good. Give them a ‘like’.

wedding (189)
This was how the bridegroom used his toes to kiap the keys. lol. His toes awesome! xD

wedding (191)
Not forgetting, angpao!! Wooohooo! How thick was it you know. 😛

wedding (7)
And the bridegroom was finally allowed to pick his wife. AWwww.

wedding (4)
I didn’t know why I opened my mouth so big. AHHHHH~

wedding (202)
SHO SWEETTTTTT~~~ chu chu chu
wedding (207)

wedding (13)

wedding (9)

I was a little bit gan dong T___T and… dry. WHERE ARE YOU MY FUTURE HUSBAND LOL! Okay la, being too despo! No good no good.

wedding (196)
Behind the scene. LOL. Even kiss also NG a lot of times. ==

wedding (8)

After picking up the bride, all of us of course included the ji muis la went over to bridegroom’s house.
wedding (6)
Finally I got to rest and dating with toilet. =.= If you keen to know what happened, read here. Super embarrassed.

wedding (164)
The group photo. 🙂

wedding (14)
=.= The moment which my sister super hao kam. LOLOL. I used a butterfly to cover my shit leg. =.= super fat.

wedding (1)
Around 1pm, we went to 北京楼 to have the wedding lunch.

wedding (222)

wedding (223)
Baby sis and me~ I love the ribbon.

wedding (219)
Changed the dress as I felt very uncomfortable with it because too tight. >.<

wedding (224)
The moment when the husband and wife came in. T__________T Gan chu, gan dong wtf.


wedding (2)
I was really really happy for them!!!! Imagine myself with HIM HIM also. Awwww ahaahhaha! 

wedding (229)





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