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By 八月 3, 2013時尚爛貼士, 生活

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You never know that how much I miss Melbourne? T_______T The weather, the beautiful place.

Hi there. Early in the morning, I don’t wish to start to do my assignments yet. So came here to drop some words. Ah, too many assignments, too many blog posts, too many video editing! Yea, I recorded some sort of make up tutorial. LOL. So stay tune okay?

This post is to crap. LOL! Just want to escape from tonnes of assignments for A WHILE. Haa. Pathetic seriously. I wonder when will my turn to be free from assignments? One more year to go. Hoot hoot! xD

And and and guess what? Yesterday I went for photoshooting with the girls. Yea, my first time experience to shoot with a professional photographer with all the lightning set up and etc. IT’S A WRAP DUDE! I felt so comfortable and laugh all the way when shooting. Now I can’t wait to get all the photos because all of them quite nice ar. HHAHAHA!

Okay, story ends. I will blog about the photoshooting later on. 😛

Now, pixie time. My daily (not so daily) OOTD. Basically, just some casual outfits to class.
ootd ootn (1)
#1 H&M Basic Tee | IHF Cross Denim

ootd ootn (2)
#2 Random Blog Shop Sleeveless Denim | Anylove Podka Dots Shorts from

ootd ootn (6)
#3 Louvie Couture Bull Dog Oversize | CottonOn White Denim Shorts

ootd ootn (8)
#4 IHF Collar Spike Denim | CottonOn White Denim Shorts

ootd ootn (9)
#5 MNG Stripes Tee | Random blog shop Studded Shorts

And that’s all. HAHAHHAHA! Some of the days I forgot the capture pictures. Gonna do more OOTD. :3 Tehehheeh. Because I like. LOL.

Okay. Ciaoz. I think I’m going to sleep again because I didn’t sleep well yesterday night. -____- I had an insomnia night wtf.




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