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K-Palette 1Day Magic Eyeliner

kpalettemagiceyeliner (3)People have been asking me if I put on make up everyday or no.

Definitely not (Except for the eye brows). Especially when I’m going to class, I’m like an aunty LOL! However, if I know that I will be hanging out somewhere or meeting client, I will put on a light make up, which is the make up that I prefer. Natural make up.

Natural = makeup without looking like makeup. HAHAHA do you feel like killing me? To make it simple, you won’t have much different after makeup, but the makeup did enhance your look. You don’t look tired and pale.  Get what I mean? LOL!

Usually, what I do is, draw eye brows, eyeliner and highlighter. That’s all. It’s quick and easy that I use 10 minutes to get prepare. 😀

The most important is the eye brows and eyes. If you’re interested, you can read my tutorial here.

I bet you must be overwhelmed by various types of liquid eyeliner in the market now, that you don’t even know which one is good. So in this post, I’m going to introduce K-Palette 1Day Magic Eyeliner.

kpalettemagiceyeliner (4)
I super in love with the packaging. It really catch my heart because it is pink! 🙂

kpalettemagiceyeliner (5)To choose a good liquid eyeliner. The first thing, look at the brush! It’s better to use sort of pen-formed liquid eyeliner rather than REAL brush eyeliner that is so much harder to control.

kpalettemagiceyeliner (6)Look at the brush! It is definitely easy to draw and control because of its design.

kpalettemagiceyeliner (7)As you can see, you can draw the thinnest to the thickest line with the brush. For me, the best way to test out the eyeliner if it is easy to control and with a good brush, CALLIGRAPHY time! LOL

Passed! I can write 小楷 with it!

kpalettemagiceyeliner (10)I believe everyone hates stubborn eyeliner, that is really hard to remove and takes super long time to remove it. With K-Palette 1Day Magic Eyeliner, you won’t face this problem.

1. Just soak your eyes with makeup remover for around 10seconds
2. Wipe it off gently (Please, it’s your eyes. Don’t rub it). Tadahh, it almost being remove!

This is the STRONGEST, HIGHEST LEVEL water proof for liquid eyeliner!
kpalettemagiceyeliner (9)

I’m definitely impressed by it.

1. Under the tap water for like 1 minutes
2. Eyeliner is still there!!! So clear, it doesn’t even smudge!

Now let’s experiment it on eyes! Bonus for you, small tutorial for eye makeup lol! Nahh, I just shared a bit. I’m not really a pro.

kpalettemagiceyeliner (8)

Step 1:
Draw the inner eyelid (white area) with GEL formed eyeliner. You won’t wanna use the liquid eyeliner for this because the ink will flow into your eyes o.O

Step 2:
For my case, I’m having big small eyes which is very sad lol. My right eye (from your side: left) is slightly bigger than my left eye (from your side: right)

So I don’t really draw the whole for my right eye. I will only draw the tail. As for the left eye, I will draw from the head to the tail, where the tail is slightly thicker than head.

kpalettemagiceyeliner (2)
Here you go! It still look very thin I know. But I don’t really fancy thick eyeliner unless needed. After eyeliner and brows, put on a highlighter or blusher. Lastly, lip gross!

Then you can hang out with your friends and take pictures confidently! HAHAHAHA!

kpalettemagiceyeliner (1)

Special thanks to K-Palette for this 1Day Magic Eyeliner! Sincerely loving it! Added it to my everyday essential makeup pouch!

For more information, please visit K-Palette’s official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KPaletteMy

I hope you enjoy reading this. Bye and see ya!



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