Kanebo Makeover – Lusanol Spring Collection

kanebo makeover  (27)

I was invited to try out the Lunasol 2014 Spring Makeup Collection on last Monday. And yes, this was the outcome of the make over. Hehehehe. I can’t believe that my eyes can be that big, I mean real big. HAHAHAHH. You know right, small eyes always wanted a big eyes.

So blessed. I just can’t stop being thankful for this. Teehee.

When I was told that I got the chance to meet up the Japanese Makeup Artist, Inokubo San, I can’t describe how nervous was I before I met him. You know, sampat mah. HAHAHAHA. But I’m glad that he is so friendly and so so so so so manners. Kept on saying sorry and thank you when he was doing the make up for me. Ahhh.

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So gonna stop crapping. Here are some photos taken when he was doing the makeup for me. And so shy when he kept on praising me, that I have a beautiful skin. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. So damn proud of my skin okay?

kanebo makeover  (28)

Putting up the foundation and concealer.

kanebo makeover  (1)

kanebo makeover  (2)

Eye brows time. So paiseh, because I didn’t trim before that. HAHAHA. He had to trim for me as well. 😛

kanebo makeover  (3)

He requested me to choose the eye shadow colours and the series are just too pretty and hard to choose. I was having dilemma when choosing the colours.

Here is the series of colours that made me dilemma.
lusanol spring collection 2014

In the end, I choose 02 Clear Sand, I think it is more suitable for me.

Other than that, he also added the Pastel colour to brighten up, enhance the eyes
lusanol spring collection 2014 2
He chose the EX04 Light Green for me

kanebo makeover  (4)

Doing some magic on my eyes

kanebo makeover  (6)

Can’t stop asking him to how to put on the eye shadows colours correctly and he taught me which colours should put first patiently. :3

kanebo makeover  (9)

Lips colour time! So sorry I was having colour blind and can’t differentiate the colours. HAHAHAH. I made them laugh on the spot. In the end, my girlfriend who accompanied me chose the lips colour for me. 😛

kanebo makeover  (10)

Hi hi hi hi.

kanebo makeover  (11)

Mascara time!

kanebo makeover  (12)

I’m impressed by their Mascara Base which is superb, it helps the eye lashes to stand firmly lol.

kanebo makeover  (15)

kanebo makeover  (17)

Blusher. Teehee.

lusanol spring collection 2014 brusher
For your information, Im using the Natural Orange. 🙂

kanebo makeover  (18)

My shocked face when I see my face. Can’t believe that it was me. HAHAHA

kanebo makeover  (19)

Touch up time.

kanebo makeover  (20)

Super le? My real lashes can be super long and stand so firmly and that curve. :3

kanebo makeover  (22)

Don’t need mention, I have already shown my feeling with expression.

kanebo makeover  (23)

Thank you Inokubo San for the makeover and Kanebo for the service. They really treated me like a princess and I don’t deserve it. THANK YOU SO MUCH. T________T

kanebo makeover  (25)

Can’t stop selfie after that. HAHAHA

kanebo makeover  (24)

sandy beige purfication-vert
Here is the instruction for the Sandy Beige Purification Makeup.

kanebo makeover  (26)

Thanks for the goodie bag as well. They said as a token of appreciation for trying their collection. OMG, just too good. T____T

I enjoyed the whole session of make over and I wanna buy Kanebo’s Mascara Base. Girls, you have to just go over their counter and take a look at the collection I bet you girls will love it. Hehe

Hold on, I have a good news for you!
Kanebo is having a contest and giving its daily prizes! Go to this link for more information http://bit.ly/lunasolMY15 Who knows you can win some goodies from Kanebo! Grab a chance!



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