KissMe Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base

KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (8)
I’m someone who rarely use foundation and being super ‘picky’ when comes to foundation.

I personally don’t like foundation is because….

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A XXX brand that I bought, I felt so “cakey” after using it. It is not natural and I felt my face can’t breath. And most importantly, the layer will CRACK. In the end I needed to bring my make up stuff to go out as well to touch up and so forth.

KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (10)
Secondly, the texture of the brand XXX is not good and cause my face so shiny, in a bad way which is SUPER OILY kind. And it smells bad, as if it is an expired products. So I kinda fed up and afraid of applying foundation.

Usually, I will just apply sun block as my last step of my skin care and that’s it. I won’t apply foundation when I apply light make up.

However, I need a good foundation when I need to apply heavy make up or head to event or long day outing.

Courtesy to KissMe Malaysia and Manoah, I have an opportunity to try out KissMe Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base.
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*Bear with my naked face lol

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KissMe Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base comes with two shades: 01 Light Beige; 02 Natural Beige

KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (6)
Here is the real life photos of these two shades lol.

KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (3)
Squeeze suitable amount for your face.

To be honest, I think you will just need squeeze a little only, as we don’t want our face like a cake and put so many layer of cream right? So I suggest a thin layer is enough for normal day out. Unless you are modelling, then that’s a different story LOL!

KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (4)
Then just apply it, like how you apply sun block.

I was amazed by the result. It covers up the pores instantly!!!
KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (5)
Have a look at this close up photo! I swear this is a non-edit photo. (Technically, I don’t really edit my pictures except the lightning)

I also like the speed of absorption of its. It really just like your skin care products, so soft and smooth until it can be absorb once you apply it.

I even tried to test it, if it can last long for at least 8 hours. I tried and I even test it with steamboat ft bbq dinner! HAHAHAH! Surprisingly, it stays! My face is still smooth! Except the shinning is really oil shinning ever since I went to steamboat and bbq together.

And, it has SPF 33 PA which is a bonus! If you want to apply this, you can just skip the usual sun block that you used.

KissMe HR Pore Smooth Base  (7)

Overall, KissMe Heavy Rotation Pore Smooth Base does not disappoint me and I quite like it! However, I will still stick to my way, only apply foundation when I need.

Girls who are looking for a good and affordable foundation, you may try this out coz the result is quite good!

Once again, many thanks to KissMe and Manoah for the products!



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