KissMe Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow #2


Title said it all. Some girls actually requested me to do a tutorial on drawing eyebrows.

This post is going to do a simple tutorial on drawing natural brows and create nose bridge!

As I told you girls, brows is definitely super important. Yes, it’s even more important than your eyeliner, mascara or whatever lol. You might think I’m exaggerating it.

Trust me you won’t even realize the differences until you draw it and take a picture, then compare it with the picture of yours without drawing brows. LOL

Here you go one of the photos that without drawing the brows. -.-
nic  (142)
It’s damn ugly okay. -.-

So decided to learn to draw brows, and I would like to say that eyebrow pencil is definitely harder because it is uneasy to control. And I thank God for various type of make up. For beginner, I suggest you to use KissMe Heavy Rotation Powder & Nose Shadow for your eyebrows,
which is much more easier than using a pencil.

The packaging is simple and elegant. Is gold darling! <3

So here I named the colour shades A, B and C.
A: For nose shading
B: To refill the empty space and create a natural shape for our brows
C: To refine the tail of our brow (Noted just to refine the tail, not the whole brows, or else you will be looking too fierce)

Let’s start.
Always remember to do your skin care before makeup. It’s essential. And also trim your brows before you draw so that it looks cleaner and neat.


Firstly, apply B to create the shape of your eye brows with the Flat Angled Brush. As for me, I think that straight brows suits me more, rather than the arched brows. So just refill the head and create the tail for your brows.

As you can see the colour is super natural and easy to apply on with Flat Angled Brush. Just one sweap and the colour is there! A big bonus, the brush is just so soft and it’s so comfortable on your skin. :3

Then, apply C for your tail. Just add on lightly and to make the tail more visible.

I bet you can see the different now! lol

Repeat the same steps for another side and tadahhhhhhh.

before after
Let me show you the before and after! As conclusion, drawing eye brows is freaking important! LOL

Next, for those who own a thick and black eye brows like mine, you have to use colour dye to make your brows look even more natural.
I’m using the KissMe Heavy Rotation Eyebrow dye too!

Just sweap on lightly, not to harsh. In case you dye your skin as well lol.

Here you go. We’re done with brows!

Then now, it’s nose shading time! Apply A on the area (according the dotted below). Just apply them lightly, if you think it is not enough you can add on and add on.

And say Hi to NOSE BRIDGE. HAHAHA. No plastic surgery needed!

And dress up!
Here we go with the natural straight brows and nose shade. JUST GOTTA LOVE MY NOSE HERE.

I even applied the mixture of A and B on my collarbone. So that they are sexier than before HAHAHA.

Girls, you just gotta start to draw your brows now! KissMe Heavy Rotation Powder Eyebrow & Nose Shadow #2 is available at selected SASA and Watson outlet! It’s only RM44.90! All in one, you can do some magic on face with it! What’re you waiting for?




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