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Korean skin wanna be?

By 十月 10, 2012生活, 跟我扮美美

Not to deny, I used to have flawless skin.  Even last time without any toner or whatever skin care product, my skin still can be good!

I’m thankful that my mummy gave me the good skin seriously! Free from acne which is reddy and so forth. Maybe because of my mummy, she has a very good skin. *She used to tell me that just cleaned her face with pure water, no cleanser. Her skin still can be very good lolll. Then I will act like ‘ ya la ya la, your skin is the best ‘. lol. 😛

As the time flies, I’m growing… older.  Skin cells or whatever stupid hormones changed. Since don’t know when, I was facing the problem of acne and super hatred blackheads, whiteheads and so forth. All the skin problems popped out like never before. 🙁 Or maybe because of the Penang’s water is not as clean as Ipoh’s. 😛  When I was in Ipoh that period, my skin is super good one!

What you called this was the serious skin problem you faced? OF COURSE YES, for me who used to be have flawless skin. Alright, don’t believe it’s serious. Let’s zoom in.

Can you see it? All the pimples, hidden pimples, big pores, red small acne, scars, black spots or whatever spots. =..= I didn’t know what’s wrong with me. Most probably because of HORMONES. Fuck you hormones, why you so troublesome! lol.

p/s: Don’t jelly, I know my eyelashes is long! HAHAHAH! Thanks Mummy laa. 😀

So overall, I don’t have any problem with the part of cheeks. They’re good good good. The main problem was my,

Forehead, area between the eyebrows, nose(blackheads and white heads) and the two areas beside the nose (pores getting bigger and red small acne always appeared)

Let me show you how terrible was my strawberry lol. Blackheads, whiteheads and 粉刺. Disgusting right when you see this??? So hatred! I always wash and squeeze them out, still, they’re always there. Why so stubborn one wtf. Oh yea, if you wonder, the black spot which located at the middle of my nose, I tried to remove them but can’t, it’s there since I borned. LOL. So be proud also, it’s my signature. Nobody owns a big dot at the very middle of nose. Ehehe. ^^

I was so headache and I have no idea how to retrieve my skin to flawless again! Until one day I read Povy’s blog which about how she owned her flawless skin. I met her in real life and I knew how flawless is her skin! 😀

So the miracle tiny bottle called did the rescue, Miyome.

Miyome is a night cream which only apply at night. Wtf am I writing? LOL. Night cream of course apply at night only la, what’s the point writing about that. =..= Bear with me okay. Mwah. Love die you.

It is effective for pimples, whitening, brightening, blackspots, blackheads, visible pores, sensitive, oily and dry skin. The very pretty seller, Katherine told me that I will see the change of my skin within a week! I was like omg are you serious?? Hmm, you know, I’m still doubtful. As you know, time is needed for the skin cell to regenerate. Then she showed me the picture of her regular customer.

Within a week, the acne, black spots, skin is glowing! Then I believed so yea got myself the tiny bottle!

Besides, Miyome is made from natural ingredients as I being told. So it’s good also laa, less chemical. 🙂 For more information about Miyome, you can read from Povy’s post which was written in details. 🙂

And also, about the amount of Miyome that you apply on your face, please be appropriate. Don’t like me too stingy and behave like aunty wanna save the Miyome and applied too too litle on my face lol. Really really a bit until I myself don’t feel that Miyome is applied on my face already. So just imagine how little was that la. X) Other girls can see the effect within a week or even 2-3 days but me no effect and acne increased somemore. 🙁

Then only realised, being too stingy to the face is not good. HAHAHAHA! So I applied more this time, APPROPRIATE amount please. I did a little bit research on Miyome, some people applied too much amount had some negative effect. Overdose usage of any skin care products doesn’t mean that it will retrieve your skin quickly. In fact you’re only wasting your skin care products and doesn’t help to improve your skin but worse. So, remember, appropriate amount, not only Miyome but for every skin care products you used. 🙂

Ready for the miracle?

The very next day, the black spots/scars is going to disappear! Not completely, but you can see the differences!

Same here, this photo is taken on the very next day after I applied the right amount of Miyome. Blackheads reduced! Isn’t miracle? I never use any skin care product which can heal my skin pretty fast! Yes, they can heal but it takes some period and quite expensive for a poor fuck like me lol. I will introduce after this!

To be more convincing, I combined the photos to show before and after within A DAY!

p/s: I think the time for you to see the effect is different because everyone has different type of skin. For me who used to have quite a good skin, so Miyome works pretty fast on me. For anyone of you who have more serious skin problem, it takes one week. So be patient aite?

OH yea, how could I forget about this?! How to use Miyome, freaking easy,

Just apply it on your face after cleansing, dont use other skin care products simultaneously except toner, you can apply toner before Miyome.  PAT your face, not beat your face lol. Pat to let pores fully absorb Miyome. This what I do after applying toner as well.

Don’t be frightened by super naked face. The eyes without the contact lens memang soul-ess.

So now can you see, my skin is glowing and shinny! Not because of oily skin, it glows! Not believe? You are allowed to touch my face with one finger lol. I very pantang people touch my face one because hand contains a lot of germs dude.

This photo not counted. LOL. It looks good because of the sunlight suddenly very the bright. Bluff one. I posted it up just because it looks good. HAHAHAHAH *kill me please XD

Give some time on forehead. Because previously too serious and my stupid hands kept squeezing them until blood. So yea, need some time to heal.

The pores!!!! Awww. This is what I want, baby skin come back to me already. Kekekeke.

Skin is glowing skin is glowing. Ching ching ching lol. OH yea, as for the part of brightening, heheheh. I’m not that convincing on this part because I’m borned with fair skin. *flip hair

Now I have already cut down the usage of Miyome. I applied it on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Let’s see the effect. The amount also cut down a bit bit. Katherine taught me that I can apply tonner before Miyome. So now I’m doing this. Let’s see let’s see.

Now, I looked good with flash too! 🙂 Previously when flash time, the ugly-ness of skin will be seen and thus the photo is suck. LOL

Interest to purchase Miyome? You can visit its facebook page (more photos and more photos of other girls who showed much effect with miyome) Or you contact Katherine straightly to buy. She’s kind of friendly one. 🙂 Free postage somemore! Hehehehe, or you want to contact me also can. HAHAHAHA! I can help you to order.

So yayy, I’m going to be the regular customer of this miracle bottle. The price? Don’t worry, it’s affordable and worth the price! One bottle that can cure all the skin care problems. Why not? Just give it try no harm.

Thanks Povy and Katherine for Miyome! 😀

Okay, sharing is caring. Im gonna share other skin care products also. Quite a number of people asking me which cleanser I used, believe me. I just using the very cheap cleanser. lol

Tadanggg, yes, Clean&clear which cost me RM10.90 only. I always buy it during sales. HAHAHA cheaper a bit laaa. Normal price RM12.90. Found out that I really behave like aunty, good also aite? Good wife wanna be~ HAHAHA! *Notice my face, glowing glowing glowing. HAHAHAH

This is what the beautician told me. She used to take care my face one. I always went there for facial treatment. RM120 per treatment wtf not cheap also. Anyway, I one year never bong chan her already. 😛 She told me, cleanser can don’t buy too expensive like Shishedo or other brands’ cleanser which cost you 300+ or higher.

BUT toner, moisturizer, eye care and whatever cream and so forth must be at least rated(so the price around at least RM50 and above, RM10 toner don’t use =.=). Toner is really really important because it helps to make your pores smaller. After you clean your face, the pores will be expand so yea toner to balance back.

Previously, when I was rich whereby there’s RM10, 000 in my bank lol, I bought the skin care products from my beautician, La’derm. Not sure have you heard about it or not. Seriously they are dayum good and amazing products! Same effect like Miyome! Just because now I poor fuck, can’t afford to buy from her.

I always buy a set from her. Er, cant say always, because this was the first set I bought from her and I used until now HAHAHAH! Credits to my small face. Everything I just used one drop of them then settled. Kekekeke. There’re four bottle of them. Two of them  finished because I always use them so the bottle I also threw already la of course. lol. The five bottles consists of:

Tonner – RM160+ I forgot the price lol. Super good tonner which you can feel it! See my face then you know la. LOL

Eye care – RM183 The most expensive among the four but it helps to reduce dark circle effectively and eye bag! I have no dark circle ring one but eye bag a bit laaa. LOL. I not always use one because too lazy  to massage the eyes with the serum. lol 

Aqua solution – RM150 This act like Miyome. It cures everything but in slower pact and it can be used day and night. So when I rich that time I will purchase this again. For day time usage. 😛 

Sun block (for face only) – RM150 Many girls don’t know that sun block is important. Better start to use now or else when you old that time don’t cry okay. Super dayum good. It is not sticky after applying it. It contains vitamin C which is good for your face and help to whitening too. But whitening, lol doesn’t seem works on me. 😛  

I will sure to purchase them again after I got the money ever since this whole set, I can use for one year plus! One year only cost me RM653+ plus she will give me discount one and the products is effective on me! So why not?

But the tonner I think I wouldn’t purchase it anymore because I found replacement 😛 which is cheaper and dayum good too! Of course laa, the La’derm  tonner confirm better than what I used now lor because the price. But, the tonner that I used now is sufficient for me, so yeaaa.

Yeap!! Hada Labo Toner as replacement! Freaking cheap RM49.90 if not mistaken and when sales time even cheaper! This need not to explained how good is this product aite? Many girls are using it. 😀

If your face small like me, HAHAHAHA. You just need to apply one freaking drop of Hada Labo. Yes, one drop for whole face. Again, please, appropriate amount, don’t overdose. Depends on your skin!!! After you apply toner on your face, PAT your face for fully absorption!

And yea, please, YOU DON’T NEED TO USE A COTTON PAD TO ‘PAT’ YOUR TONER ON YOUR FACE! Just use your hand! I wonder, if you put your toner on the cotton pad and let it absorb all, what else your face eat har??? I don’t understand.  You use your hand, your hand can absorb the also! So why the hell you use the cotton pad? =..=

Lastly, be diligent on washing your face! Don’t be lazy ladies! Guys too! Must take care of the skin. A good skin is meant a lot!

I hope this post helps. Just my two cents on skin care! Like my skin? Remember to like Miyome’s page and order the miracle cream which is selling like hot cakes and do skin care daily! Not laziness allowed! 😀



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