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LAD Salon – 5 Reasons Why You Should Pay a Visit

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Visiting hair salon is one of my way to relax myself, to de-stress. I don’t know about you. But I seriously love visiting hair salon at any time and enjoy the service. However, I too had some bad experience at some hair salon where it doesn’t help you to relax but increase your pain.

Bad ass who washed my hair until so pain, I guess it wants to cut my head off lol!

But it’s okay. Thanks to LAD Salon for the invitation, I have another good choice of hair salon to visit now. You might wondering why I love LAD Salon. Okay, one of the big reasons — I really feel privileged as one of the invited bloggers. At least, they don’t simply do the hair treatment because we are being sponsored. They really treat us same with other customers who pay for their service, not like shit.

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They even prepared the tea and cake for welcoming my first time to visit them! *They served tea to every customers also :3 *

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Just because some of the hair salon want to sponsor, but they don’t do it properly. Just because we are not paying, so they give us some shit service. So I didn’t post anything for them as well. Yea, just a sponsor. So what. Not a good one I won’t share with my readers. 

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This is what we called – Professional Customer Service. Here are another 5 reasons that you should pay a visit to LAD Salon.

#1 Environment

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It is definitely important when talks about hair salon. Clean and comfortable ambience.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I bet you don’t want to visit a dirty and messy hair salon right?

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#2 Professional Quality Hair Products

Another thing that I emphasize is the hair products that used by the hair salon. Of course, you want the best products that used on your hair so that it’s really worth of the price and good for hair.

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In LAD Salon, they are using the famous products from Japan – Shishedo

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Other than Shishedo, they too provide another famous product from Japan, Number Three. Above is one of their product line called – Yululuka where it made from man different plant-derived ingredients. Remember to try this out!
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And here is the little gift from them, Number Three Hair Serum. Super loving it because it smells so nice!
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#3 Friendly, professional and fashionable staff

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Honestly, the way of the hair stylist to dress up is important because it really give the first good impression and confident. You won’t wanna see a hair stylist wears pyjamas and cut your hair right lol?

Okay this is why. For me, hair stylist is someone in the fashion industry. If they don’t know dress up nicely, how are you gonna convince that customers to trust them.

Most of the hair stylists I’ve seen, okay not too bad but still not as fashionable as I thought. However, the first time to LAD Salon, I was surprise to see that all the hair stylists from LAD Salon are super fashionable. It definitely boost up your trust and confidence towards them.

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Fashionable and professional too! Look at Corine’s serious face when doing the hair care for me.

#4 Hair Care Professional – Not money sucker!

This point. I really hate some of hair stylists who always want to suck your money rather than provides you a professional hair care tips. Most of them are too hard sell that they just want you to spend.

I remember that some other hair stylists told me that it’s advisable that to do hair treatment for EVERY WEEK! I was serious or not, but thank God that I’m poor so I’m not able to do hair treatment every week.

So when I told the hair stylist from LAD Salon, they were shocked. They said they don’t encourage their customer to do hair treatment every week. This is because the hair is unable to absorb it and it will make your hair even worse.

From here, you know some of the hair stylists just want sales.

#5 Parking Service

When I knew that this salon is located at Jln Burma, then I was like, shit, it’s gonna hard to find car park over there. Then the friendly staff told me they actually helped their customers to find place to park as well! Isn’t awesome???

Again, they surprise me with their dedicated and considerate services.

Overall I really enjoy my time at LAD Salon. Thank you for your time and awesome service!
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Fell asleep when Corine was massaging my head. This is awesome! I like head massage because it helps to release the tension.

If you are interested to pay a visit, here is the information:

LAD Salon Penang

Address: No. 221C, Jalan Burma, 10050, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, 10050, Malaysia
Business Hour: Tuesday to Friday; Monday OFF ” | 11am – 8pm
Contact: +60 4-229 9099

And don’t say I no share, there are doing 10% promotion for September!
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